BREAKING NEWS: Radhanath Swami joins Prabhupada’s enemies

BREAKING NEWS: Radhanath Swami joins Prabhupada’s enemies

If you are into investigative journalism, you will immediately notice something strange in the newest article by Sharon Gannon, where she advertized her seminar with Radhanath baba.

Radhanath baba biography, Prabhupada not mentioned

Let’s look at Radhanath baba’s introduction from the article:

Radhanath Swami is a Vaishnava sanyassin (a monk in a Krishna-bhakti lineage) and teacher of the devotional path of Bhakti-yoga. He is author of The Journey Home, a memoir of his search for spiritual truth, and the New York Times bestseller The Journey Within. His teachings draw from the sacred texts of India such as The Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, and Ramayana, and aim to reveal the practical application of the sacred traditions, while focusing on the shared essence which unites apparently disparate religious or spiritual paths.

As you can see here, Prabhupada is not not even mentioned. Why? Because Prabhupada was greatest enemy and fear personified for fake yogis and mayavadis like Sharon. She is not a devotee of Lord Krishna, on the contrary, she is teaching hatha-yoga, or gymnastic exercises which don’t have anything to do with Krishna consciousness. She doesn’t believe in personal God, Bhagavad-gita is not even mentioned on her web page, and following 4 regs is out of question, on the contrary, to make spiritual advancement, you should touch feet with opposite sex:

Prabhupada and Srimad Bhagavatam call this Kaitava dharma, or cheating religion. Here is Prabhupada’s opinion about hatha-yoga:

Devotee: Can hatha-yoga hinder or help Krsna consciousness, or is it…?
Prabhupada: Hinder. Yes. Because it is useless, simply wasting time. You cannot perform hatha-yoga in this age. You do not follow the rules and regulations. You are simply bluffed. Do you know what is the rules and regulations of hatha-yoga factually?
Devotee: Not actually.
Prabhupada: Yes. You have to select a secluded place. Hatha-yoga is not practiced in assembly of so many men. Just you go to a hatha-yoga class. There are hundreds of members practicing, and he is collecting money, five dollars per seat. And you are thinking, “I am practicing.” That is useless waste of time and money. Hatha-yoga is not practiced in that way. You have to practice in a secluded place, alone. Do you do that?
Devotee: Yes. Not… No. I guess I don’t.
Prabhupada: It is very difficult in this age. Then you have to restrain yourself in so many things. Complete free from sex life. You have to eat under certain direction, you have to… So many things there are. These rules are not followed. Simply they have got some bodily gymnastic sitting posture. They are thinking, “I am practicing.” No. That is one of the items. So all the items cannot be observed in this age. Therefore it is wasting. (Srila Prabhupada, Colombus, Ohio, 1969)

Now you know why Prabhupada is not mentioned, it’s not good for their cheating business. 

Impossible mission

At the end of Radhanath baba introduction, Sharon says that he “unites apparently disparate religious or spiritual paths”. Well, she got that right. Mayavadi bogus yogis and Prabhupada’s followers are very disparate spiritual paths. And such paths can never be united. Stool can never become gold.

Sharon’s biogragphy

Now, let’s look at Sharon’s biography in the same article, of course, her guru is mentioned:

Sharon Gannon is a 21st-century Renaissance woman, an animal rights and vegan activist and a world-renowned yogini, perhaps best known as the founder, along with David Life, of the Jivamukti Yoga Method. She is also an accomplished writer, dancer, painter, musician and chef. Sharon has devoted many years exploring the role of diet in promoting physical, emotional and mental well-being as well as spiritual development.

A student of Brahmananda Sarasvati, Swami Nirmalananda, K. Pattabhi Jois, and Shyam das, she is a pioneer in teaching yoga as spiritual activism and is credited for making yoga cool and hip—relating ancient teachings of yoga to the modern world.

21st century Renaissance woman? 😀 😀 😀 Real renaissance is introduced by Prabhupada, not by Sharon. She is also dancer, when woman dances in front of men, Prabhupada called that prostitute. When woman raises her butt in the air in front of other men in so called yoga session, that is also subtle sex. So, dear ISKCON members, brave defenders of Prabhupada’s legacy, you who are staying silent and letting me fight Radhanath baba alone, enjoy your new gurudevi:


But, important thing to notice is that she is mentioning her guru, Brahmananda Sarasvati, who is he? He is the same Dr. Misra who invited Prabhupada to stay for some time in his “asrama”. You can see that from his biography.

You can see Dr. Misra’s yoga studio and Prabhupada in the early days:

However, love between Prabhupada and Dr. Misra didn’t last long since Dr. Misra is mayavadi and fake yogi. Eventually, Prabhupada was banned from giving classes in Dr. Misra “ananda asrama” because those two men were completely philosophically opposed to one another. So, what is the most intelligent statement that fake yoga guru can give, let’s take his main quote from Sharon’s website:

 Nobody is a fool and nobody is wise. It is the space, which makes you foolish or wise. If you have space within your mind, then you become wise, and if you have no space in your mind, then you become “otherwise.”  – Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (left his body in 1993)

On the contrary, Prabhupada said:

Lecture on BG 13.35 — Geneva, June 6, 1974: There must be intelligence. They have no intelligence. They are thinking of philanthropic work, but still thinking that “I am this body.” So what that philanthropic work will do? We… With ignorance, with no knowledge, whatever you do, it is foolish.

This quote is regarding fools but also Radhanath baba and his hospital work.

Lecture on SB 1.16.23 — Hawaii, January 19, 1974Abodha means fools, rascals, ignorant, born foolish rascals, ignorant. We are all born foolish. So if we are not properly educated, then we remain fools and rascals, and the activities of fools and rascals, this is simply waste of time. 

So, Prabhupada was very clear, fool is somebody who is not educated in the knowledge of Bhagavad-gita, it has nothing to do with “space” in your mind.


Why did Radhanath baba join Prabhupada’s enemies who are  foolish people? The official reason is: Because he is merciful, and he wants to preach to them. However, my question is, if you don’t even dare to mention Prabhupada as your guru, what kind of preaching will you do? So, instead of fighting nonsense feet touching yogis, Radhanath baba became one of them. That can be seen in his books, quotes and his general “watered down jelly” preaching which doesn’t mention Prabhupada, surrender to Krishna, rather it focuses on standard new-yoge mayavadi topic such as “compassion”, “grace”, “forgiveness”, “being thankful to everybody”. And Radhanath baba will rarely or never define these terms in their relation to Krishna and he will never mention Krishna as the supreme controller and enjoyer. Since I am Prabhupada’s follower, Radhanath’s baba preaching annoys me to a great extent, and therefore I am protesting publicly by writing fault-finding or troubleshooting articles which bring great delight to real Prabhupada followers.

And this is not first time that Radhanath baba did this, he also organised massive betrayal initiations.