Radhanath baba’s Gestapo tributes

Radhanath baba’s Gestapo tributes

Gestapo Saints who punish whistleblowers, hilarious.

Yesterday, Dandavats published a tribute written by Radhanath baba about recently deceased Sruti Dharma das:

However, couple of days earlier, Michael Keith Powell (Mahavidya das) published a shockingly different tribute to Sruti Dharma das:


Mahavidya Prabhu fires some really serious accusations here regarding the person who was glorified by Radhanath baba as a saint.

The first accusation is that Sruti Dharma introduced secret salaries. That accusation is true, as we revealed in the government documents on non-profit organizations, ISKCON UK is paying over 1.7 million pounds is salaries.

Second accusation is that the advertised Srila Prabhupada’s movement as “Hindu”. But ISKCON is not a Hindu organization. I definitely don’t identify myself as Hindu, and I don’t spray colors on other people. So, ISKCON being Hindu is a highly debatable topic. It was probably advertised like that to collect money from stupid Hindus.

The third accusation is that Sruti Dharma das protected Gauri das, and put him in a position of power, although he is guilty of child abuse. That accusation is also true, because Gauri das is currently president of Bhaktivedanta Manor, and if we check Krishna children website, we can easily find Gauri das CPO case.

Furthermore, Sruta Kirti and Gaura das banned Mahavidya from coming to the temple because he is a whistleblower. He is banned from coming to Bhaktivedanta Manor, although he never raped anybody or stole any money. He was banned because he was telling the truth.

As Radhanath baba is eager to glorify people who prosecute whistleblowers, it doesn’t require a big stretch of the imagination to accept the fact that he participated in the murder of Sulocana das, who was also a whistleblower.


Even in Kali-yuga, normal people glorify whistleblowers who speak the truth and despise Gestapo officers who persecute whistleblowers. Edward Snowden is a perfect example of that. But in the retarded ISKCON society, the situation is quite the opposite. A murder-accomplice guru is actually glorifying the Gestapo leader who persecutes people who speak the truth. Both Murder-accomplice guru and the Gestapo leaders are considered saints.

In our article from a few days ago, we can see how junior devotee was kicked out from the temple and banned from visiting, and “pure devotee” Prahladananda Swami did absolutely nothing about it. We are running the same Gestapo pattern here. Just during the short lifetime of this website, we collected many such examples of people being kicked out for speaking the truth. Just check the censorship topic on my website, and you will find many examples of persecuting and banning whistleblowers.

How is it even possible for ISKCON members to tolerate this nonsense? This is because they are retarded in a similar manner as Sai baba followers. ISKCON gurus and ISKCON members have zero integrity, zero appreciation for truth, zero fascination with people who expose deviations, and therefore, their future is very dark.

Did you ever see any ISKCON guru preaching against child molesters, against secret salaries, or against any salaries for the matter? Did you hear any guru preaching against persecuting whistleblowers? No course not. Why? Because they are all puppy gurus who are afraid of losing their guru license. In case they lose their guru license, they will no longer be able to enjoy life traveling around, pretending to be pure devotees, and preaching Gestapo ideology of “not criticizing”.