Radhanath baba introduces “zombie scream” and “chastity box”

Radhanath baba introduces “zombie scream” and “chastity box”

We really have to imagine something new every day. Good, old, Krishna consciousness is so boring.

But don’t worry, Radhanath baba is here. The majority of the “devotees” in London are his disciples, we can see that this fact is starting to fructify. First, we have Zombie scream preaching strategy, which allows us to extract almost unlimited amounts of money from stupid people, so that temple president can buy a 1 million USD apartment for himself:

I mean, zombie scream is such a powerful thing. You can see by my website that I am already very spiritual, but I decided to zombie scream every morning to become even more spiritual. But my wife is not allowing me to do it because I might scare the kid.

We are ever thankful to Radhanath baba for pioneering work on the topic of zombie screams. In his tourist resort Govardhana eco-village, Radhanath baba set the foundation stones of zombie scream preaching strategy. And it pays so well.

The only downside is that after performing a zombie scream, you need to listen to stupid mayavadi women giving their “realizations”. But, this can be avoided by putting some cheese in the ears.

Chastity Box

Did you know that you can put a chaste woman in the box? And if you hold her in the box for some time, she starts dancing for you and your friends. That is an amazing discovery by Radhanath baba. I mean, how would ISKCON even survive without his inventions.

Video will autoplay from 5:32:

Oh my God, I feel so spiritual after watching this. Radhanath baba is the most intelligent man on the planet. His disciples are really leading the way of chastity and shyness.

Next step should be that the chastity box can be rented, so, ISKCON UK mails you the box, it arrives before Sunday feast, the girl dances for you, but if you impregnate her, you pay extra for abortion costs. I mean, why didn’t we come with this idea before? If there was no Radhanath baba and his disciples, we would still be in the dark.