Radhanath baba introduces girl touching

Radhanath baba introduces girl touching

We all want to touch a girl, right? Of course, that can be expensive. Because you have to marry a girl also.

A while ago, the most compassionate Radhanath baba understood that the greatest peril of his brahmacaries was that they couldn’t be together with girls. So, he allowed his celibate disciples to meditate together with girls:

How you get cheated by Radhanath baba

But, when we meditate with girls, we develop a desire to touch them. Thanks to great visionary Radhanath baba, we can now touch girls without marrying them. Let’s look at Radhanath baba’s newest advertisement:

So, if you want to touch girls, you have to become Golden Ray School instructor. Which is not a hard thing to do.

And it is very important not to touch the titty. Just touch the heart chakra. And with another hand, you can touch her forehead to point out how intelligent she is.

The Parampara

Before we even start to touch girls, we need to understand the Golden Ray School parampara. Let’s look at their website article:

So, master Jose from Spain got enlightened by touching girls. We don’t know his last name. But Jose transmits spiritual knowledge through silence. Yea, I kinda like that. He is not talking much like Prabhupada. You just put your hands on the pretty girl and there is no need to talk much.

Humble request

Please don’t doubt Radhanath baba, our most merciful and compassionate master. Don’t think that touching girls is something unappropriate. This is actually a very blissful activity. This is the love that our master Radhanath baba is talking about all the time. Love is beyond brahmacari life, brahmacari life is external. Brahmacari life is only a preparation to become Golden Ray master.

The second thing, I would like to request all ISKCON Golden Ray Masters: You can not touch titty as long as your Golden Ray guru is present on the planet. Javier de Salas is our current link to titty parampara and you should not disrespect him by allowing your hand to slip lower than girl’s heart chakra. And be warned, if you do that, you can be slapped by the girl you want to cure.


We are so thankful to Radhanath baba for introducing girl-touching to the suffering male population of ISKCON. History will remember Radhanath baba as one of the greatest minds of the Post Prabhupada book era.

And also, let us not forget Govardhana Evo Village Chief strategy officer Roushni Singh Thakur, she is ISKCON’s first miniskirt leader and at the same time bold enough to introduce real changes.

We pray to Radhanath baba to reveal to us more teachings of self-realized master Jose from Spain.