Radhanath baba introduces “bare necessities” temple president

Radhanath baba introduces “bare necessities” temple president

“Pure devotees” of ISKCON are so degraded that they are allowing their disciples to waste donations for their personal enjoyment.

It turns out that members of the corrupt ISKCON organization are humble and living simply as long as nobody is giving them money. When people start giving them money, then you can see their true nature. And you can also see the true nature of their puffed up gurus and the incompetent GBC.

So, ISKCON London temple president bought himself an apartment worth 1 million US dollars (800 000 British pounds).

The Evidence

Every corporate entity in the UK has to submit yearly reports. I must say that the UK government is very envious because they expect pure devotees to submit financial reports. As if pure devotees could steal the money or something. Transparency is the work of the devil.

If we go to financial reports – ISKCON page, we can see that they submitted 2018 financial reports on Oct 9, 2019, that link is called “Full accounts made up to 31 December 2018”.

In that report, Jai Nitai das writes:


Srila Prabhupada was very clear that full-time ISKCON members should be austere brahmanas who should be content with “bare necessities”.

As long as the material body exists, one has to meet the demands of the body, namely eating, sleeping, defending and mating. But a person who is in pure bhakti-yoga or in Kṛṣṇa consciousness does not arouse the senses while meeting the demands of the body. Rather, he accepts the bare necessities of life, making the best use of a bad bargain, and enjoys transcendental happiness in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. (BG 6.20-23p)

We should never desire to increase the depth of material enjoyment. Material enjoyment should be accepted only up to the point of the bare necessities of life and not more or less than that. To accept more material enjoyment means to bind oneself more and more to the miseries of material existence. (SB 1.2.27p)

Material wealth and opulence attained through previous pious activities can be fully utilized for one’s benefit in this life and the next if one is Kṛṣṇa conscious. One should not try to possess more than he needs for the bare necessities. If one gets more than is needed, the surplus should be fully engaged in the Lord’s service. That will make the conditioned soul, the world and Kṛṣṇa happy, and this is the aim of life. (SB 5.14.12p)

My dear Lord, we pray that we may never feel attraction for the prison of family life, consisting of home, wife, children, friends, bank balance, relatives and so on. If we do have some attachment, let it be for devotees, whose only dear friend is Kṛṣṇa. A person who is actually self-realized and who has controlled his mind is perfectly satisfied with the bare necessities of life. He does not try to gratify his senses. Such a person quickly advances in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, whereas others, who are too attached to material things, find advancement very difficult. (SB 5.18.10)

So, we can see that Srila Prabhupada didn’t encourage wasting money on expensive apartments.

In the same financial report, we can see the amount of donations Given to ISKCON London in 2018:

As we can see, Donations in 2018 are 650 625 pounds, and out of that Jai Nitai spend 500 000 pounds for his apartment. So, that means that out of every 10 pounds donation to ISKCON in 2018, 7.6 pounds went to Jai Nitai’s apartment.

And of course, although I am an envious fault-finder who is using his brain and who doesn’t want to give his money to cheap Radhanath baba and his clones, I am also a practical person. So, the temple president indeed needs a place to live, he can’t live on the street. And Soho temple is too small. So, instead of paying rent every month, maybe buying an apartment is not such a bad idea.

Although the apartments in London are very expensive, question is, would a bare necessities temple president buy 2 bedroom apartment in central London. Why not 1 bedroom? If you gonna serve Krishna and basically just spend a night in the apartment, do you need a big, expensive apartment in central London? For example, we found an apartment which is more than 50% cheaper, 20-minute subway drive from the temple:

In addition, Jai Nitai didn’t only by himself apartment with money from donations, he is also receiving a salary:

Salary prema

If Jai Nitai bought a cheaper apartment, he could have saved 400 000 pounds, and for this money, that could jumpstart simple living, high thinking varna-asrama project 50 kilometers from London.

Next year, can we suggest buying a black BMW? And on the doors, we could inscribe “currently being used by Temple president”.


Foolish ISKCON members of London are mesmerized by Radhanath baba and his cheating disciples. Under the illusion of cheap spirituality, they are thinking that they are donating their hard-earned money to Krishna, while they are actually donating it for Jai Nitai’s dubious real-estate adventures and his salary. All this is approved by the purest of the pure Radhanath baba. So, it must be right. 🤣🤣🤣🤣