Radhanath baba disciples still advertise gangster towers

Radhanath baba disciples still advertise gangster towers

When you lose 50 000 Euros which you invested in Cursed towers, nobody in ISKCON will help you.

At least nobody from the ranks of “pure devotees” will help you. And “pure managers” will also not help you.

Two weeks ago, we published an amazing gangsta story from Mayapur, the city of Justice:

How to lose your retirement money in Mayapur – the city of justice

In this article, we can see that pure devotees can’t do anything if you get robbed. If you lose 50 000 Euros, it’s none of their business. Pure devotees can only advertize gangster apartments, but if you get cheated, that is entirely your problem. As we can see on the ISKCON desire tree homepage, the cursed gangster towers are still advertised as a good investment opportunity.

This website is ran by disciples of purest of the pure Radhanath Swami (and he might kill ya if you don’t accept that he is pure)

So, pure devotees can’t really do anything if you are robbed. Remember, pure devotees can do something only if they are robbed. If somebody dares to rob pure devotees, he ends up dead. That is what Madhava Krishna das didn’t really know.

When he dared to steal money from ISKCON, he was literally arrested, tied and locked in a room. Even the official ISKCON version of the story is scary. The guy was so scared, that he hanged himself after being detained by pure devotees. He is the most important part of the article from the above link:

Madhava Krishna was alive and well throughout the morning of 16th November. He took his breakfast prasadam and a guard designated to keep a watchful eye on him reported that he was fine. He was transferred to room 227 at about 1.10 PM. The guard took a stool from room 225 and seating Madhava Krishna on that with his back to the window, he secured his hands individually on either side of him to the window grill. He did not however tie the ropes very tightly. As a consequence as soon as he was left alone, Madhava Krishna untied the ropes; we presume with his teeth. Placing the stool on the bed and standing on that, he used the same rope to hang himself with. His body was found hanging from the ceiling fan at about 2.10 PM. Dayaram prabhu, who was still at the Goshalla, was immediately informed.

That was back in 1999 when pure devotees still cared to explain how they apprehend people and how they end up dead. Today, no explanation is necessary anymore. For example, when Radhanath baba published his autobiography called  “Journey home” he completely skipped the whole chapter of how he arranged Sulocana’s Journey to the next body. And nobody really finds that surprising.

So, remember, you can rob normal people and women, but you should never rob or criticize pure devotees.

A sane society would not advertize bankrupt projects, and people who cheated others would be exposed. But in ISKCON, you get only silence from authorities and continuation of gangster projects through advertisements.