Radhanath baba at crossroads: forgiveness or justice

Radhanath baba at crossroads: forgiveness or justice

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This is the last article in the series about wife stealing brahmana.

Radhanath baba is big on forgiveness. You will see hundreds of quotes and lectures on this subject.

Why insist so much on this point. I guess he wants to be forgiven for participating in the murder of Sulocana. If we forgive him, then he can continue to be a leader, pure devotee, and a guru who can take you back to Forgiving Godhead. But, if we insist on forgiveness, then we are losing another essential ingredient of a normal society, which is called “justice“. If we start thinking about justice, then we would never agree to follow GBC who appointed murder accomplice to the highest position. But, if we set forgiveness as our primary objective, we can ignore justice.

This choice between justice and forgiveness is very important to understand if you want to see Radhanath Swami in the real light. I mean, we could try to organize society without justice, if somebody is murdered, we forgive the murderer, if somebody is robbed, we forgive the robber, and this actually creates total anarchy.

And this is what happened to Bala Govinda – the wife stealing brahmana. First Radhanath Swami disciples who are in leadership positions tried to explain to Amala Nitai das that he should not complain that his wife was stolen. In other words, he should forgive. They even tried to convince him that he should apologize. This is an important element of Radhanath Swami’s twisted forgiveness philosophy, the victim should apologize to the perpetrator.

Then, in the second phase, Radhanath baba tried to shift responsibility to parents of the people involved. Temple president also tried to prevent brahmacaries in the temple from speaking about this incident, and they also claim, they can’t do anything about this problem, except, of course, to forgive.

But, none of that worked, thus, finally, we got a glimpse of divine justice. Thus, if this fight between forgiveness and justice, justice seemed to win this time. This is the letter published yesterday by ISKCON Pune management:

From: ISKCON Pune <information@iskconpune.in>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2020, 5:45 am
To: <punecongregationdevotees@googlegroups.com>


regarding his services based on meeting held on 16th FEB 2020

Dear Prabhus and Matajis of Pune Temple Brahmacari Ashram, Youths and Congregation,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Guru Parampara.

Yesterday I had a meeting with all Counselors and Assistant Counselors.
The following statement is prepared based on the outcomes of the meeting :

1. HG Balagovind prabhu’s marriage with Ruchi mataji, Ex-wife of Aarsh prabhu has created a shock
and turbulence for the members of Pune community, mainly because of BGP’s involvement in the
family matters of Aarsh prabhu in the last several years leading to the recent developments of his
marriage with Ruchi mataji.

2. The Management of Pune temple condemns the act and will take due caution by framing policies
for brahmacaris strict dealing with lady devotees to avoid such instances in future.

3. The Pune Community gratefully recognizes all the valuable contribution of HG Balagovind prabhu in
various fronts such as Cultural department, Training the Teachers, conducting Bhakti Sastri courses,
Organising Children training programs and Congregation development.

4. It was decided that HG Balagovinda prabhu will not play any type of leadership or teaching role in
the Pune temple community atleast for a period of four years. He will handover BVVA to HG
Chaitanya prasad p, HG Prashant Gaur p and the Congregation teachers to run. He will handover
the Cultural department to HG Sridhar Krishna prabhu. Also after this academic year of Gurukul at
Mukhai is over by APRIL 2020, the four Brahmacaris of ISKCON NVCC Pune will return to Pune.

5. The members of Pune Community wish and pray to see HG Balagovind prabhu and his family
members continue practising their Krishna consciousness and attain perfection in their lives.

Thank you. Hare Krishna.

Your servant
Radheshyam das, President, ISKCON, Pune
On behalf of ISKCON Pune Community Leaders


Divine justice is inseparable from dharma. It’s not really possible to back to Godhead as a crooked person. Hare Krishna movement will never become an influential force in the world as long as the leaders of the movement act as a corrupt Gestapo.

Currently, ISKCON top management body called GBC or Gestapo body commission enjoys punishing whistleblowers, journalists, philosophers, private investigators, historians and everybody else who exposes their ruthless regime. Everybody who publicly disagrees with them is marked as offender, fault-finder or envious demon.

But, one point we have to study very carefully:

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you know you are being ruled by criminals”. (Edward Snowden)

Thus, ISKCON is a society governed by cruel, puffed-up, unintelligent autocrats. But the problem doesn’t end there, real problem is that you are forced to accept those unintelligent autocrats as pure devotees.

Bala Govinda, wife stealing brahmana is a perfect example of ISKCON’s twisted worldview. They tested their twisted methodology of attacking the victim, they tried to deny any responsibility, and, at the end, when nothing else worked, they did the right thing.

This whole incident could be solved silently and peacefully if the published this letter one year ago. But, hey, who am I to give advice to pure murder accomplice Radhanath baba?

If you look at ISKCON corporate gurus, sannyasis, and the members of the Gestapo body commission, none of them will even mention ISKCON’s Edward Snowden called Sulocana das. That brave man was a pioneer of exposing the crooked ISKCON corporation, zonal acaryas and Kirtanananda monster Swami. And while Sulocana was attacking crooked Kirtanananda, GBC body was publishing statements calling Sulocana “offensive” and “fault-finder”. Kirtanananda was not cut down by the GBC body, rather, he was finished off by United States government. Animal-like karmis seem to have better sense of justice than purest of the pure GBC members.

To this very day, gruesome episode of the murder of Sulocana das remains ignored by “pure devotees” and Sulocana’s murder accomplice Radhanath Swami if offered the highest position in ISKCON. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. And if you want to be a member of ISKCON, you have to be silent about this, you have to worship Radhanath Swami as a saint and offer him obeisances, thus, reaffirming your stupidity.

Radhanath Swami is the very reason why the concept of justice is almost completely absent from ISKCON. 

Prosecuting smaller wife stealers like Bal Govinda will hopefully one day bring us to the level of intelligence that we understand that people involved in murder can’t hold leadership positions. Srila Prabhupada didn’t deserve to have his movement inherited by murder accomplices.

Radhanath Swami’s presence in top leadership doesn’t only prove that GBC members are stupid, it also proves that every single ISKCON member is stupid. Who in his right mind would agree to be a member of the movement with murder accomplice saint leading him back to Gestapo Godhead?

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