Quote wars – Radhanath “mystic smile” baba vs Hanuman “pure evil” das

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Quote wars – Radhanath “mystic smile” baba vs Hanuman “pure evil” das


When I joined Krishna consciousness movement in 1994, there was no nonsense quotes. I mean we quoted Prabhupada a lot these days. We were fascinated by Prabhupada. Of course, some of us are fascinated by Prabhupada even today, but some others decided to start producing nonsense quotes instead of quoting Prabhupada.

I was already annoyed with Radhanath baba’s quotes and I even recorded whole video about it.

But, unfortunately, few days ago, one of my Facebook friends shared with me Radhanath baba’s nonsense quotes again. Well, this time, let’s have some fun. Let’s turn our brain on. When you turn your brain on in ISKCON, it’s called “being offensive”. And don’t worry, nobody else will dare to say publicly that Radhanath baba quotes are nonsense.

So, only way to defeat nonsense quotes is to make better ones. Let’s start.

Here are my 60 quotes against Radhanath baba’s 60 quotes:

1. If we judge devotees, it is our spiritual destruction. Do not judge them. You don’t know who they may be.

If you don’t judge other devotees, you might end up as a disciple of Sai baba. Additionally, it is not ok to judge people, but it is ok when Radhanath baba and his disciples judge Prabhupada as in the case of Bangalore disaster.

2. Mercy means to get what we do not deserve.

And what is that which we don’t deserve? Ice-cream? If I get ice-cream, but I don’t deserve it, that’s mercy according to Radhanath baba. As far as I am concerned, mercy means to be able to read Prabhupada’s books every day.

3. Great souls are merciful. Srila Prabhupada was pleased with the little things that someone did, even if that person had all bad qualities. His being pleased was his mercy, because he knew that if he was not pleased, Krishna will not be pleased and if Krishna was not pleased there was no hope for that person’s spiritual advancement.

Prabhupada was pleased with little things, but he was not pleased with hospitals and eye camps.

4. The behavior of a disciple can be an ornament for or a scar on the reputation of the spiritual master.

Exactly, therefore, when Caitanya Caran baba gives seminar how Prabhupada translated Bhagavad-gita in a wrong way, that is scar on Radhanath Swami.

5. All glories to Guru Maharaj means nothing left for us, no credit for us.

If you follow guru who organises eye camps, plays harmonica with girls, and offers obeisances to criminals, no credit for you.

6. Krishna consciousness is not achieved but awarded.

Krishna consciousness is achieved by carefully following Srila Prabhupada, otherwise you end up building hospitals.

7. Ultimately everything will perish except our relationship with Krishna. Whatever we invest in that relationship is eternal.

Ultimately everything is this material world is perishable, except stupidity (also called ignorance). Ignorance is almost indestructible.

8. Bhakti means the science of being defeated. Krishna wants to be defeated by the love of His devotee and the devotee wants to be defeated by Krishna’s love.

Bhakti means science of defeating birth, death, old age and disease. And Krishna doesn’t want to be defeated by people who organise imagined ceremonies such as “pushya abhisekha”.

9. Bliss in Krishna Consciousness comes only when there is an eagerness to hear Krishna Katha. This eagerness comes only when there is a sense of urgency.

Bliss in Krishna consciousness comes when we smash sahajiyas like Ramesh baba and nonsense people like Neem Karoli baba instead of flirting with them.

10. Krishna is present fully in His Holy Name and this is realized by humility and sincerity in our chanting.

Krishna is present fully in founder acarya instructions, and some of his disciples are very expert in disobeying his instructions.

11. Millions of people will come if you simply present Krishna as He is!

Millions of people will he come if we establish real varna asrama communities instead of exclusive tourist resorts like Govardhana eco village where we invite financial consultant gurus to initiate people in weird ceremonies.

12. We are insignificant, our sins are also insignificant, which Krishna can easily vanquish.

If we derail Prabhupada’s movement, Krishna will not easily forgive.

13. Whether advanced or a beginner in Krishna Consciousness, we should not be neglectful even for a second. That one second could mean our spiritual life. It could even mean our material life.

We should waste even a second, except if you are most prominent disciple of Radhanath baba, then you can waste some seconds in flying a plane around, just for the fun of it.

14. In giving respect we can be very happy, because we can do it in all situations. When we expect respect we are miserable, because it is not that everyone in every situation will respect us.

Prabhupada’s followers should never give respect to nonsense people, rather they should kick them with boot in the face.

15. A Vaishnava forgives the offender before the offense is over.

Sacinandana baba disciples will kick everybody from temple, who doesn’t accept divine secretary tattva. And Sacinandana baba is also very good friend of Radhanath baba.

16. Spirituality is based on development of character and philosophy.

Real spirituality is based on stopping speaking nonsense.

17. If you compromise your integrity for the thrills of this world, you will suffer in the future.

If you start building hospitals and organising eye camps, despite instruction of your guru, that means you flushed your integrity down the toilet.

18. Love is not enjoyment. Love is being enjoyed!

Love is not enjoyment of being fake guru, love is repeating what Prabhupada said and losing 90% of your followers which are fake anyway.

19. To love is to serve and to serve is to please.

To love Prabhupada is to read Prabhupada’s books, to read Prabhupada’s books is to recognise all the fake mayavadi quotes.

20. Real faith is not something imposed upon us. Real faith is awakened from within in the proper environment, like a seed. A seed, of watered properly, grows into a beautiful flower.

If you water yourself by associating with mayavadis, you will become a mayavadi.

21. When you surrender, that’s where you get your strength from.

When you starting imagining your own philosophy and ignoring Prabhupada, that is how you lose strength.

22. By allowing past karma to affect us, Krishna is giving us a chance to surrender more.

We can organise eye camps to prevent past karma. 😀 😀 😀

23. Surrender sounds horrible to one who wants to be a controller. But it is the sweetest and most pleasing of all words for a devotee who has a humble heart. For some it is a bitter medicine, for devotees it is sweet nectar.

Surrender means to follow Prabhupada, not to turn his movement into sahajiya mayavadi circus.

24. Without humility you can have knowledge but not realization.

Without humility, you will always think you know better than Prabhupada how to preach.

25. If you accept you are a fool, you can learn. Don’t be a fool, but you should feel like a fool. If you don’t feel like a fool, then you are really a fool.

If you accept someone who is lifelong Friend of Ramesh baba as your guru, you will remain a fool.

26. At our level, genuine humility is to aspire for genuine humility.

At all levels, we should not make friendships with mayavadis and sahajiyas.

27. When there is disunity amongst devotees, there cannot be proper Sankirtan.

When some gurus preach mayavadi nonsense, naturally there is disunity.

28. We are compassionate towards animals but are violent with our godbrothers, godsisters and other Vaishnavas. Ours is the most personal philosophy but sometimes we are highly impersonal in our dealings.

Greatest violence is forcing nonsense mayavada into Prabhupada’s movement and then whoever complaints, you call him impersonal.

29. If you have no determination, you are useless on the spiritual path.

If you have determination to be lifelong friend of Ramesh baba, you are useless on the spiritual path.

30. To discriminate between the right and the wrong and to be determined to do the right is called determination.

Preaching what Prabhupada preached is right, writing cheap autobiographies with with LSD saints is wrong.

31. Don’t let a breath escape from your body without Krishna’s name. That should be our determination throughout our life

Before knowing Krishna’s name, you have to be 100% loyal to Prabhupada.

32. Krishna Consciousness becomes boring if you are not determined.

Krishna consciousness is boring if you bring it to the mundane welfare level.

33. Gratitude doesn’t mean simply saying thank you. Real gratitude means reciprocation. If you are actually grateful to someone, you will reciprocate even if it means great sacrifice.

Gratitude means if you receive perfect philosophy from Prabhupada, you will try to preserve it, and you will not water it down just to get a few more cheap followers.

34. Every word we speak or everything we do, is either an offering to Krishna or our ego.

Every word we speak should be offering to Prabhupada, not to mayavadis like Ramesh baba, Neem Karoli baba and others.

35. If you read every word of Srila Prabhupada’s purports with a sense of urgency, believe me these words will change your life

If you read every word of Srila Prabhupada’s purports very carefully, you will understand that there is a lot of nonsense going on in Prabhupada’s movement.

36. Leadership is not a post to enjoy. If that is our idea then you will be a very miserable leader, a very exploitative person. Leadership is a very serious, significant responsibility of service to others.

Leadership is enjoyable if you build hospitals, distribute food to schools and do all other activities which Prabhupada didn’t approve. People will like you, but Prabhupada will never give you his mercy.

37. Before we commit offenses to devotees the stage comes, in which we feel ourselves better than other devotees.

Before we commit offense to Prabhupada, the stage comes where we believe that Ramesh baba is saint, that Neem Karoli baba is saint because he took LSD pills and wasn’t affected.

38. Offenses take away your service. The worst is that it takes away our propensity to serve.

Beliving that building hospitals is devotional service, that associating and flattering mayavadis and sahayjias is service takes away your propensity to serve.

39. Finding faults is sense gratification.

Sticking your head in the sand and following fake gurus is sense grafication.

40. To see faults in others contaminates your heart.

Seeing everybody as saintly, including Mayavadis  and sahajiyas,  contaminates your heart.

41. A person who finds faults in others is a person full of faults.

A person who doesn’t find faults in others may end up as disciple of Donald Duck.

42. If a person is criticising a Vaishnava, then that is the sign that Krishna has withdrawn His mercy and that is the means by which Krishna withdraws His mercy.

If person is staying silent despite obvious deviations, that is sign that he betrayed Prabhupada.

43. Fault-finding is Maya’s very vicious weapon to divert your attention from what you have to do in life, and that is to clean up our own hearts. Physician heal thyself.

People who deviate always defend their nonsense by calling everybody fault-finder. That is so because they don’t have any real arguments to defend their nonsense.

44. The manifestation of ignorance is material desires.

Manifestation of ignorance is disobeying Prabhupada and thinking that we are smarter than him.

45. The more serious you are about spiritual life, the more you keep your mind in captivity.

The more serious you are about spiritual life, the more careful you become who leads you in spiritual life.

46. Those who are honestly trying to control their mind, they alone can be trusted.

Those who repeat what Prabhupada said can be trusted.

47. People’s criticizing others is an exhibition of their envy towards GOD.

People’s criticising other is an exhibition of their God given discrimination and inteligence by which they can recognise what is right and what is wrong.

48. What is envy? Envy means, “I want to be seen as important and great.” And if anyone is a threat to my own egoistic ideas, then there is negativity towards that person.

What is envy? Envy means, “I want to build hospitals although Prabhupada specifically told me not to build hospitals. In this way, I will get a lot of money from stupid hindus and I will become important and great”.

49. When pride comes, we are already fallen, what comes after that is only a detail.

When pride comes, we start thinking that Prabhupada’s instructions are not so important.

50. There are two types of pride, the first is self-pride and the second is being proud of the person who is bestowing mercy upon us. The first pride leads to fear and the second pride leads to fearlessness.

There are two types of pride, first is thinking that Prabhupada is not perfect, and second one is thinking that Ramesh baba is.

51. To be proud of our righteousness is also a sin.

To be proud of our pride is also pride.

52. When you are proud of your humility, nobody may spot it except the Lord in the heart. He not only spots it, He will even magnify it.

When we are proud and we start speaking things that Prabhupada never spoke, everybody who reads Prabhupada’s books can notice that we are nonsense.

53. Great people always feel that they need help though they don’t. People who badly need help think they are great.

You feel that I feel that you should not write stupid quotes. When you write stupid quotes, you badly need help.

54. When you advance in Krishna Consciousness, it is more difficult to tolerate being honored than to tolerate being dishonored.

When you advance in Krishna consciousness, it is more difficult to tolerate nonsense.

55. The world will appreciate you if you give time to Maya and devotees will appreciate you if you give time to Krishna. So you decide whom to serve.

The world will not appreciate you if you become Hare Krishna, almost everybody will think that you are crazy. But Krishna and Prabhupada will appreciate you.

56. Fighting against Maya is a blissful thing in the world.

Building hospitals, feeding children in karmi schools and opening tourist resorts is not fight against Maya.

57. For a non-devotee, Maya convinces not to surrender unto Krishna. But for a devotee, she convinces to postpone the surrender.

For a fake guru, Maya convinces him that he is smarter than Prabhupada.

58. The happiness of the material world also disturbs us because it makes us forget Krishna.

And pushing devotees to go to karmi universities instead of building varna asrama communities is another step toward forgetfulness of Krishna.

59. There is enough happiness in this world to keep you attached to your sufferings.

There is enough sufferings in this world to keep you attached to your happiness.

60. ‎The only way we can make this world a better place is to transcend it.

They only way to make this world a better place is to stop writing stupid quotes, and to quote Prabhupada more.