“Pure devotees” now claim that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms

“Pure devotees” now claim that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms

If you are member of ISKCON, it is important to never be envious. And how can you know if you are envious? If you are fault-finding, you are envious. And out of all fault-finding types, worst is fault-finding pure devotees. This is preached by “pure devotees” in ISKCON because they don’t want you to find any faults in them. Because there are no faults, if you see any faults, that is because you are envious. Other than that, all “pure devotees” in ISKCON are pure. And who decided who is pure devotee? Well, “pure devotees” from the GBC body decided who is pure.

And if you don’t accept “pure devotees” as being very pure, you will be flying out of ISKCON very quickly by receiving merciful boot in your bottom. And this is actually merciful, because if you stay in ISKCON, you will further degrade yourself by fault-finding pure devotees, and there is no fault to find, because “pure devotees” are pure.

So, since pure devotees always give us transcendental knowledge, today, we learned that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms. This was mentioned by “pure devotee” Bir Krishna Goswami. He mentioned this at 3:22 in this video, if you press play, it should play from that exact location.

So, Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms while he was travelling through Jharikandha? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Well, I assume that Mushroom acarya thinks that nobody doesn’t read Prabhupada’s books these days anyway, so he can just talk nonsense.

And this is not the first time that Mushroom acarya is pushing mushrooms, we already wrote article about this.

So, dear ISKCON members, from now on, you should preach that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms, don’t doubt it, because “pure devotee” just enlightened us with this ecstatic tamo-guna lila.