Pure devotees must lie to protect the pure corporation

Pure devotees must lie to protect the pure corporation

How the ISKCON corporation is making money? This is crucial to understand. Here is a perfect example.

So, ISKCON is not into manufacturing, real estate, or finance. The main way how ISKCON is making money is called “The spineless guru fairy tale”. The fairy tale goes like this:

Once upon a time, in a Gestapo kingdom far, far away, there was a prince called Radhanath baba. And he was a very nice guy. He wanted to teach the whole world how to forgive. He was able to forgive anything except free speech. Therefore we liked killing whistleblowers very much. Around himself, he gathered a few fairies, and they were called GBC members. All the fairies and Radhanath baba glorified each other and presented themselves as pure devotees with a tingle of mayavada and feminism. All in all, they were very sweet.

Radhanath baba and the fairies then “empowered” the dwarfs called “ISKCON gurus” who, in return, promised never to speak against Radhanath baba and his fairies.

However, Radhanath baba, the fairies and the dwarfs couldn’t live hapilly ever after because they were missing something very important. They needed sheep who will finance their fairy tale. Thus, they trained an army of ISKCON sheep members who knew only one thing, that they should not criticize. ISKCON sheep never criticized Radhanath baba and his fairies, and how could they? And the ISKCON members started thinking “How can we criticize when even our gurus don’t criticize. If dwarfs don’t critice fairy tales, how can we criticize them?”. Besides, the ISKCON sheep were so dumb that they didn’t even notice anything wrong.

Why ISKCON gurus fall down

ISKCON gurus fall down because they betrayed Srila Prabhupada. And they betrayed the parampara too. Guru is somebody who is an uncompromising preacher of absolute truth. While ISKCON gurus are spineless supporters of mayavadi Radhanath baba. That is the deal, if you don’t sign a guru-form, pleading your allegiance to Radhanath baba, you will never become an ISKCON guru.

Spinless, fake gurus who sold their soul to mayavadi corporation always existed in the past, why is that so problematic? The main problem is that dwarfs and fairies decided to build their fairy tale on the teachings of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada. That is something Krishna will not forgive.

Another one bites the dust

Two weeks ago, another guru fell down, he fell in love with a yoga teacher. He was a husband and a father of 5 children, but he fell in love with a yoga teacher. However, rotten fairies didn’t want to admit that, so they presented it like he resigned because he was “under stress”:

Did you ever hear that any ISKCON guru stepped down because he “was under stress” or because he was in “financial trouble”? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

In other words, the transition team headed by Govardhana das are all liars.

Confirmed fraud

So, I decided to send a Facebook message to the official Sandton Facebook page, I wanted them to confirm this statement.

And their reply is very interesting:

So, they blatantly denied any girlfriend issue and continued with the “financial stress” narrative. I don’t blame the poor girl who is managing this webpage, she surely consulted with authorities on how to reply to this message.

Falldown, version 2.0

So, as you try to push an elephant under the carpet, you can encounter some “issues”. So, after the “stress” excuse didn’t really work out, a new statement was published a few days ago:

Pursuing a relationship with a female disciple? 🤣🤣🤣 What they failed to mention is that the guy was already married and had 5 kids. Pure devotees always give us valuable lessons. Today’s lesson to his kids is that the father figure is temporary.

If you divorce and bring suffering to your kids, it’s not a problem. Even pure devotees and gurus are not able to withstand the charms of butt-raising yoginis, what to speak of ordinary mortals. 🤣🤣🤣

Yea, his new girl is a yoga teacher.


Kailasa Candra Prabhu is right. ISKCON is a sahajiya movement. When even gurus can’t keep their marriage, how can we expect anybody else to live the life of a gentleman?

An important thing to notice is that fall down never happens by coincidence. You must bring yourself into a situation which is favorable to fall down. Private darshans without anybody else present, accepting younger butt-raising yoginis as a disciple, and then having private darshan with her in which you help her to “resolve her issues”, this is a recipe for disaster.

The future

Now they need to find another guru wannabe, who promises never to criticize pure mayavadi Radhanath baba and his fairies, and their story goes on. New sheep with come, ready to be shaved of they their money by selling them a “pure dwarf fairy tale”:


Farewell video

As for Nanda-kumar Prabhu, ex pure devotee and his new yoga teacher girlfriend, we have a farewell video that pretty explicitly exposes the background philosophy of the  “yoga market”. Even the materialists are able to understand the background philosophy of the yoga movement better than ISKCON corporate Brahmanas:

Not too late

If you want to have an exciting life, follow in the footsteps of Nanda Kumar and ISKCON sahajiyas of Sandton. In their temple, there are still a few available butt-raising yoginis. We decided to include photos of the yoga teachers in ISKCON Sandton yoga centre::

If you hurry up, you can have a blissful smile similar to a guy in this photo, who is also an ISKCON sahajiya.