“Pure devotees” like hanging out with child abusers (but not publicly)

“Pure devotees” like hanging out with child abusers (but not publicly)

OK guys, associating with child abusers is bad for business, ok? So, outwardly, we punish child abusers, but actually, we are hanging out with them.

But if we are seen hanging out with child abusers, that is bad for business.

But again, child abusers are also saintly, according to ISKCON dogma.

So, how do we advertise child abusers and at the same time pretend that we don’t advertise child abusers?

This is called acintya bheda-abheda tattva.

Well, only pure devotee Vaisesika prabhu can resolve this mystery.

One of ISKCON’s most famous child abusers is Dhanurdhara Swami, he was actually kicked out from ISKCON, he is not allowed to initiate disciples or propagate his saintliness in ISKCON.

But hey, what if, what if we convert ISKCON center to non-ISKCON center? Then, although all the same ISKCON people are there, it is not ISKCON.

The solution

The solution to propagating child abusers is very simple

Ok, let me add a screenshot, pure devotees sometimes wiggle and try to delete their posts:

Ok, so this photo was published on Vaisesika’s public facebook profile about two weeks ago. It says we have to marry maha-mantra. Nice. It even has 300 likes. Wow. Do you see any child abusers on the photo? No? I don’t see any child abusers either. I see one devotee who participated in murder of Sulocana, but that is another story.

So, it’s a nice post, but as you know, people sometimes say that you need to see “the whole picture”, right? So let’s see the whole picture.

The whole picture

So, how to really taste the holy name? How to really marry the Holy name? Well, you will never taste Holy name if you associate with devotee killers. Real taste is possible only if you have devotee killer on one side and child abuser on the other side. So, let’s see the whole picture.

WOW, now we are talking ISKCON bhakti. Sulocana killer on the one side and convicted child abuser on the other side. This photo was sent to non-ISKCON Bhakti center members, so that they can see how ISKCON gurus and GBC members who kicked out Dharurdhara Swami out of ISKCON like to associate with him within non-ISKCON, which they also manage and lead.

This is a great joke actually, Radhanath baba leads ISKCON and non-ISKCON. Then he kicks out Dhanurdhara from ISKCON and accepts him into non-ISKCON. Then they all chant Hare Krishna together nicely.

I am impressed. I can’t decide which of these three pure devotees should I accept to lead me in my spiritual life. I’ll take a devotee killer, I think that’s best, otherwise, he could kill me if I don’t accept him as a leader. 😀 😀 😀 Child abuser is not so interesting since I am no longer child, so he can’t abuse me. And Vaisesika, I can’t accept him, people he is associating with are too scary.

Sure sign of retarded society

You want to be a follower of a retarded GBC body? Good for you. You are actually following people who are apologizing to child abusers. ISKCON official statement is that they are apologising to Dhanurdhara Swami that they prosecuted him for child abuse (which took too long), Here is resolution 312, Part C, which you can read on their official page:

Part C. Apology to Dhanurdhara Swami

Dear Dhanurdhara Maharaja,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
We hope that this letter finds you in good health.
The GBC Body is aware that in the course of its ecclesiastical dealings concerning past child abuse in the society, sometimes the procedures we followed were awkward and took a long time to complete. This was particularly true in your case, and we unfortunately did not always keep you abreast of the ongoing progress of those procedures.
The GBC Body is sorry for the difficulties you and your disciples, followers, and friends must have experienced because of these long and cumbersome procedures. We could have done much better, and we sincerely apologize.
We support the decision of the Office of Child Protection in your case, but our procedures should not have added to your burden.
Additionally, we remain committed to promoting healing and reconciliation for our youth, parents, and all others affected by abuse. We hope that you will continue to reach out personally to former students. We appreciate the efforts you have made in this regard, and we encourage you to continue. We are willing to work with you where appropriate.
In conclusion, we never wanted you to leave the ISKCON society. We humbly request you again to remain an active member in ISKCON. Not only are we sure that this would be the desire of Srila Prabhupada, but also that it would be the best course of action for you, your disciples, and your followers.

Your servants,
> The GBC


Great, they are inviting child abusers to “stay in ISKCON”, at the same time, if somebody protests against Ramesh baba, or starts exposing “sannyasis with female secretaries“, he is kicked out from ISKCON immediately. This is called GBC justice.