Pure devotee scammer increases target to $12000

Pure devotee scammer increases target to $12000

Dear devotees, it is of utmost importance to give your money to pure devotees. Especially if they are in trouble.

A few days ago, we reported how Mahatma prabhu attended illegal wedding, and he was asking for $4000 for lawyers to get him out of this trouble. Now are have an update:

Now, the costs involved are three times bigger than originally estimated. That brings us to $12000. Actually, one of the worst crimes you can do in India is to attend an illegal wedding. They have a special crime unit IWBI (Illegal weeding bureau investigation), once they charge you with a crime of attending the illegal wedding, you are toast.

I would also like you to donate to me, because I was abducted by aliens in India, and they raped me. So, now I have to purchase many seminars about forgiveness, from Mahatma prabhu, so, I would need around $20000.


Actually, I don’t mind scammers trying to make money from stupid people. My only problem is when so-called followers of Srila Prabhupada try to scam people. If they are using Srila Prabhupada’s legacy to cheat people, I find that problematic.

Up until today, we still didn’t get any information about the name of the lawyer which is representing Mahatma, in which court the case is running, or any other tangible evidence that such criminal proceedings even exist.

I can’t believe that gurus fell so low in just 50 years, that they are using their guru license to extort money from retarded followers. Kali-yuga’s progress is amazing indeed. And so-called GBC members become nothing more than the corrupt government officials who are backing up guru scammers in their plundering of their stupid followers. Sad indeed.