Principle and details

Principle and details

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Hare krishna prabhuji pamho

During our Bhakti Shastri course longback I had read and heard this kind of quote by Prabhupada that this is adjustment in details but not in principle, but for that you need intelligence, are you aware of such words of Prabhupada?

I head a discussion with few most prominent youth preaching leaders in India.

And I got this statement after the whole discussion :

Sentimentally deviating and fanatically seeing things binarily – both have caused havoc in this world…

Seeing Girls dancing on stage , teaching yoga or opening hospital as deviation means being fanatics. Seeing binarily. Not seeing the purpose behind it. This is the adjustment in details but not changing principle.

How to understand this, seeing things fanatically and binarily????

Regarding Bharat Nathan seen by Prabhupada was also quoted by topmost youth leaders, I could not get the reference.
But many scholar devotees quoted, so it may be recorded somewhere, I will explore more.

One devotee who is one of the great scholar presented one logical argument regarding principle and details as follows :

Following prabhupada also involves following the following statement

“One can sit on the vyāsāsana only after being conversant in all systems of philosophy so that one can present fully the theistic views of the Bhāgavatam in defiance of all other systems”

Mean knowing

six different philosophical systems, namely Gautama, Kaṇāda, Kapila, Patañjali, Jaimini and Aṣṭāvakra.

Just to give you a hint.

There are always principles and details.

There can be no compomise with “principles”

Details can be adjusted.

“Men and women cannot act on stage” principals is “no free mixing”

Kindly help me to understand these concepts with more depth and clarity.
I am not able to understand that why is there a need to deviate and why so many full time devotees not able to think like us, are we more purer and sincere than so many devotees doing great preaching.
I discussed with devotees who are very successful in preaching and have created youth full time devotees in thousands and if we see others who are very strict, their preaching results are almost negligible.
When Prabhupada made adjustments then there were complaints and criticism from his brothers, but Prabhupada used to say that they are not able to take Mahaprabhu’s movement ahead but at least I am able to connect people with Krishna all over the world with these adjustments. Similarly we may not be like Prabhupada God Brothers, please throw some light on this doubt.
You have asked about being too strict.
Too strict means that ladies who are in job can’t get initiation. Fanatically Seeing things binarily. Not allowing guitar and bands in kirtan mela or Rath Yatra etc.
Opposing ladies too much like they can’t give lectures, if someone is more exalted than male spiritually then she may be given opportunity to address at least in old age.
Like opposing Kalash Abhishek concept? I am putting these arguments to get more clarity because these things are helping us in bringing people nearer to Krishna and it’s supporting the movement.
One more thing in iskcon, we observe that we charge money for prasadam even from people who come for hearing morning prasadam. I had read and heard that Prabhupada ordered all temple presidents to keep hot abundant amount of prasadam of 20 items ready for anyone who visits the temple but we do not get anything free now a days. Can you share something on this.
Your insignificant servant