Prabhupada stabbed in the back

Prabhupada stabbed in the back

Today, we are bringing results of another brilliant investigation.

Sorry, folks, Prabhupada is no more. Sacinandana baba’s disciples from Jaganattha temple Berlin decided to invite Ram das to give lecture in their temple.

They also published mp3 of his lecture on their web page

Ok, my next questions is: Who the hell is Ram das? I thought Sacinandana Swami disciples need only one sahajiya to lead them, that is Ramesh baba, what to we need this guy for?

This guy is disciple of Narayana Swami.

He also published a book criticizing Prabhupada’s stance on the 4 regulative principles. Book is called: “Natural Bhakti: Bhakti without fear – the lost science of attraction (Rati)

In this book, he writes:

The end result is that regulative principles have been absolutized as a prerequisite for bhakti. They are identified with bhakti. This has a negative effect on the experience of rasa in the devotee’s own spiritual development. Devotees end up “giving up the path of bhakti-yoga because they cannot bear the psychic suffering that comes from being condemned as impure, dirty, guilty, sinful, or unqualified.” (23)

My conclusion is that this man is traitor, he was saved by Prabhupada by joining ISKCON, then left ISKCON, and now he is attacking Prabhupada. And now some real knowledge:

Be sure to chant your sixteen rounds daily and read one chapter of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, one chapter daily. Follow the four regulative principles strictly, and I am sure that Krishna will see that your life quickly becomes more and more happy in devotional service. The attitude which you expressed is very nice, and please continue to develop this attitude always. (Letter to Arundhati — Los Angeles 26 January, 1969)

This is actually the position of Krishna Consciousness that when we get some taste of rendering sublime loving service to the Lord, no more do we have any taste for any other engagements. So as initiated student you should chant 16 rounds on your beads daily, avoiding the ten kinds of offenses which Rupanuga will explain to you. You must follow the four regulative principles; namely no illicit sex life, no intoxication, no meat-eating, and no gambling. (Letter to Laksmimoni — Los Angeles 10 July, 1969)

And Prabhupada was not fanatical or too rigid, that everybody has to follow 4 regulative principles, this is only for those who are serious and want to be initiated. Rest of the sympathizers can do whatever they like:

I do not see how we can insist that all members must follow the four regulative principles, but this is certainly our recommendation to anyone who is serious about pursuing Krishna Consciousness. (Letter to Brahmananda — Los Angeles 16 July, 1969)

Ecstasy after criticizing Prabhupada

Since I know some people who speak German, they translated most ecstatic parts of his lecture in ISKCON Berlin temple, Ram das sahajiya offender glorifies his own guru Narayana Swami:

7:23 Have you ever experienced it, your voice is choking? Something like that. I once experienced it during my inititation. It was the word Ram making my voice choke. My spiritual name is Rama Das. When I got this name from my guru,at first, I was totally unhappy because I thought he meant Ramacandra. And me personally, my rasa is especially Radha-Krishna, and the Ramacandra-lila, I did not find it so attractive, so I thought, what is the matter with this “Rama”? But I never really knew what this “Rama” means, in the maha-mantra.

There are different explanations for this. Some people say that it is Ramacandra, some say it is Balarama. Then there are other explanations [like] the one given to me later on. So, at first I was disappointed. Then, I asked the devotees, and they said, “Ah, it is Balarama,” or, “It is one of the associates of Caitanya,” someone said. And then I asked a sannyasi, and he said, “the Maha-mantra is the yugala-mantra,” “yugala” is the married couple, or the couple. “Yugala-kishor” is Radha-Krishna, the ever-youthful divine couple. And in the Maha-mantra, it is all about the yugala Radha and Krishna.

And then he somehow gave an explanation concerning Rama, that was not so clear to me, I could not remember it. So, I had the opportunity to ask my guru, of course, he was the right one to ask. Before it had not been possible due to time constraints, and due to practical reasons. Then he said, “‘Rama’ means Radha-ramana,” that is actually a name of Krishna, and it is the one who enjoys Radharani, “ramana” means enjoying. So, this was my guru’s explanation, “Radha and Krishna who are dancing in Radharani’s heart.” Ooh. That touched me very deeply. The next day, I went home and I wanted to chant, chant the maha-mantra but I could not get beyond the “Rama”. I stopped at “Ra”. Ra…, Ra… I had to cry and it was such bliss. So incredibly ecstatic. That was really extraordinary. I could not go further, just this one syllable was enough, everything was done, everything was good. I could really feel it. It was a real feeling. Since then I know what “Rama” means, it is this love between Radha and Krishna. Very, very strong love. [end 11:09]

You can listen whole lecture on German here:

His voice will choke if he would be willing to start training brazilian jiu jitsu with me, I would love to show him on the mat how your voice can choke.

Guilty party

Why do we need Narayana Swami sahajiyas to give us lectures in Prabhupada’s temple? People who criticise Prabhupada are allowed to lecture in Prabhupada’s temple? Amazing stuff. Sahajiya Sacinandana baba holds primary responsibility here, his disciples from Croatia are inviting Ramesh sahajiyas to Croatia to sing bhajans, and his disciples from Berlin are inviting offenders of Prabhupada to give lectures.

Additionally, GBC for Germany mataji Dina Sarana is completely incompetent to lead German yatra. If she had any dedication to Prabhupada, no temple president would dare to offend Prabhupada in this way.

Both Dina Sarana dasi and Sacinandana baba are traitors of Srila Prabhupada and his legacy. If you follow them, you are seriously doomed. Sacinandana Swami disciples who want to go back to spiritual world, should select genuine guru who is loyal to Prabhupada and stop following sahajiya traitor who is undermining Prabhupada on every step, sleeps till 7 AM, and spends the rest of his day dictating emails to beautiful unmarried secretary.

Note to ISKCON temple Zagreb authorities, whose main preacher is Divorce acarya: I will not apologise, your guru should apologise to Prabhupada.