Warning for the followers of poo tattva

Warning for the followers of poo tattva

This article is my warning to the followers of poo tattva. Practicing devotional service toward Krishna has many rules and regulations. Some of them are very subtle, some of them are very gross.

Gross rules of external cleanliness in Krishna consciousness:

  • First thing you need to do after you wake up in the morning is to take shower.
  • If you have altar in the house, your house should be clean.
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • After you pass stool, you should take shower.
  • Dog should be kept outside of the house and outside of your car.
  • Dog is passing stool every day, and he doesn’t wipe his ass with anything, he doesn’t take shower after passing stool, which makes him dirty animal.
  • Wherever dog drags his dirty ass, that place become contaminated.
  • There is no chance that Krishna will reside in apartment where dog drags his dirty ass.
  • All rules described previously for dogs apply to cats also.
  • Cats additionally lick themselves, which makes them even more dirty.
  • If you are so retarded that you don’t understand basic rules of cleanliness, at least don’t preach poo tattva by posting photos on social networks.
  • If your guru is not sannyasi who travels around the world with his girlfriend, he might be able to preach to you about the dangers of the poo tattva, so you can ask him.
  • If you are preaching poo tattva by posting stupid photos, keep in mind that you are going against Srila Prabhupada and some people on the internet might expose you.

In case you think I am trippin’

In the Varaha Purana the following offenses are mentioned: (e) to collect food that has been seen by a dog (SB 7.5.23-24p)

Now, you can see what is the problem if you are not reading Srimad Bhagavatam.

Prabhupada: Yes, doglike man’s. We don’t keep dog. But we don’t hate dog also. Let them keep their own position. In India still, they keep dog, but dog is not allowed to enter the room. No, outside. They are trained up in that way. When food is to be given, they will call, “Come on,” and he will take food from outside and go away, always remain outside. Dog is never allowed to enter room or in the house. Outside compound, that’s all. Still. No dog is allowed to enter the room and jump over the body of the master and sit down with the seat. (Room Conversation October 15, 1975, Johannesburg)

Ok, Prabhupada repeated the same point 5 times in this quote, is that enough for the retards of Kali-yuga to understanding anything?

Although in modern society the dog is accepted as part of one’s household paraphernalia, in the Vedic system of household life the dog is untouchable; as mentioned here, a dog may be maintained with proper food, but it cannot be allowed to enter one’s house, what to speak of the bedroom. (SB 7.14.11p)

This is just in case you didn’t understand previous two quotes.


Let us not practice “Krishna consciousness as I imagine it to be”. Let us transfer our sentimental attraction for dogs to our eternal object of love, Sri Krishna. Let us remember that Sri Krishna is supremely clean, and we can please him only by following his pure devotee Srila Prabhupada, and not imagining our own process.