Please send me $4000, I need to get out of Libya

Please send me $4000, I need to get out of Libya

Hi, My name is Xavier Bolombo, I am an African prince.

Many years ago, I accidentally visited the wedding of the daughter of late colonel Muammar Gadafi. Although an accident guest, I received a gold bar as a present from the Colonel. As you probably know, A gold bar is 12.3 kilos in weight, and worth $500 000 USD. If you send me $4000 for transportation costs, I am willing to share the value of that gold bar with you. You will receive $100 000 as a reward for your help.

Or, if you consider my proposition too risky, I want to add that Xavier never lies. I also donated one gold bar to GBC and they awarded me with “pure devotee” and “ISKCON guru” title.

If you still don’t believe me, at least you can help my ISKCON guru fellow Mahatma das, he also needs money. Here is his post from today.

Full text of the scam story

Dear Devotees,

Hare Krsna.

Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Gaura Nitai.

A few years back His Grace Mahatma Prabhu along with many other devotees attended a wedding. Later on it came to light that the marriage was not legal as the devotee was previously married. After that there was a case filed against many people who had attended this wedding. Turns out His Grace Mahatma Prabhu was one of them though he had no knowledge of this marriage being illegal.

Documents were sent to them and were asked to appear in the case but as His Grace Mahatma Prabhu is mostly out of the country, he didn’t receive them.

Now while he was entering India his name got flagged at the Port of Entry.

Rest assured the lawyers are working to get the charges dropped against him and post bail as His Grace Mahatma Prabhu has nothing to do with this except attending the marriage he was invited to.

Funds are needed to meet the expenses of this ordeal for the lawyer fees, posting bail , travel and living expense etc. The estimated cost is $4000 give or take.

Kindly request all of you to help with some donations.

Below are the links for donating –

Paypal –

Other Ways –

We will keep you posted as this is resolved.

Thank you very much in advance.

Yours in service

Gurunistha Devi Dasi


Ok, now all of a sudden, pure devotees are scamming people. This letter is another proof that to follow and donate to a retarded guru, you have to be retarded yourself.

Ok, first of all, devotee organizes a marriage, although he was already married. What is the name of a devotee? What year was this? Who is the guru of a devotee? What was the location of the wedding? Shouldn’t we be given the name of the devotee to avoid his “weddings” in the future? Why all those essential details are hidden from us? Because it would be easier to clearly see that this is a scam.

So, although I don’t think that “unknowingly participating in an illegal wedding” is a criminal offense anywhere in the world, in order to charge a foreigner, you need their passport number. Furthermore, who filed this case to the government? The devotee himself? Additionally, the Indian government is so unorganized and corrupt that it takes them 10 years to issue a passport, do they really have resources to charge people who unknowingly participated in an illegal wedding?

This is a typical scam letter used by fake gurus and their disciples.

Then Mahatma das “got flagged” at the airport. 🤣🤣🤣 And now they need money for “posting bail”. Well, is there an arrest warrant? Is there any document that proves that this court case even exists? Of course, not. Because Mahatma das considers his followers retarded and he thinks they will believe everything he says. Police dedicated a big force of 50 inspectors to catch 200 people who unknowingly participated in an illegal wedding.

Also, in my previous article about Mahatma, he cheated another of his disciple:

So, Srimati Devi dasi was a disciple of Mahatma das, but she discovered that he is not as pure as he seems because he mistreated her a few times. He also talked her into giving him 4000$ for his mortgage because he claimed that he will “lose his house”. After she became disillusioned and after Ajamila cheated her, she wanted her money back.

The amount is exactly the same, I am not sure if this is coincidence or not.


I, the prince of Africa, Xavier Bolombo, presented you with two opportunities to donate money. In my case, you will be materially benefitted, and in Mahatma’s case, you will be spiritually benefitted. Both I and Mahatma das are pure devotees, and any though which goes against this is an offense and you will go to hell.