Please pray for Scootananda Swami

Please pray for Scootananda Swami

Dear Krishna consciousness practitioners, no matter if you are ISKCON sheep member or envious fault finder, please pray for Scootananda Swami.

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From: Akshay Ramachandra Das <>
Date: 8/30/20 5:27 PM (GMT+05:30)
To: Mayapur Community Forum <>
Subject: {Mayapur Forum} HH Gopal Krishna Maharaj’s health update

Dear Maharajas, Prabhus, Matajis, Disciples and wellwishers of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja,

I am writing this note to allay any speculation or confusion surrounding the health situation of Guru Maharaja. As on date, Maharaja has been diagnosed as Covid Positive. He had fluctuating fever for the last few weeks and it was suspected. Maharaja was struggling a bit with fever for the last one month and now it has already come down. In June, Maharaja underwent a comprehensive test and he tested Covid Negative. Since the symptoms were almost similar, we had postponed the tests for Corona. However, now that he has tested positive, we would like to ensure maximum professional care.

Now that the tests have turned out positive, the team of nearly 8 doctors consisting of Maharaja’s senior disciples from the US and Delhi has been completely dedicated to monitoring Maharaja’s health situation.

They have administered some very effective medication because of which Guru Maharaja’s fever has now completely reduced and the temperature is now normal as is his breathing. He had some heavy cough which has also now decreased significantly in just one night! He is feeling tired though and so is resting. The team of Doctors has now decided that for 3-4 days, it would be a better option to have Maharaja admitted at a leading hospital where he could be cared for better and our doctors also could have access to the tests, treatment and progress. We will also have the option of having devotee bystanders with Guru Maharaja for more personalized care. Over these few days, we will get more tests done to ensure that Guru Maharaja has no other complications. This way, they will be able to monitor the vital parameters as we may not be able to do so as effectively here from within the temple environment.

We need to be cautious to rule out any difficulty and so Maharaja would be moving to the hospital tomorrow for a few tests. He has asked all disciples to continue with their sadhana with great attention and always keep trying to please Srila Prabhupada in this movement. This is something he asks us all always to do. As of now Maharaja is in good spirits. He did a bit of deity worship and chanted his Gayatri like normally he does and as mentioned, was resting well; now he is chanting. With everyone’s prayers, Krishna willing, we may not even have to move Guru Maharaja to the hospital for further tests tomorrow!

I will be posting updates frequently on Guru Maharaja’s health situation. Kindly do not circulate any unnecessary rumors or sentimental messages on any media.

Krishna Priya Das (on behalf of the Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja Health Care Team)

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Prayer to be used by ISKCON Gestapo sheep

Dear Gopal Krishna Goswami,

when we saw you driving a scooter one year ago, we knew that you are immortal. For the neophytes like us, you mercifully introduced the process of scootanam, so that even brainless people could please Krishna just by driving a scooter.

When envious faultfinder Hanuman das asked you about your young unmarried female secretary, you mercifully ignored him, so that he wouldn’t do even more offenses.

Please stay with us for a few more years. Without your Gestapo Holiness, we will be confused by people who criticize ISKCON gurus in private phone conversations. If you leave us, who will persecute rascals like Balaramacarya and Caitanya Vallabha das, without your Gestapo Holiness, somebody might even try to establish free speech in ISKCON. 😳

If your Gestapo Holiness leaves us, your temples will be overseen by somebody else, and they might not allow us to have chaste and shy matajis leading sahajiya rock concerts.

To fight coronavirus, temples in your GBC zone introduced Herbalife parasites. And since the Herbalife parasite never criticized pure Gestapo GBC mafia, you mercifully allowed them to stay in ISKCON temples.

Thank you, maharaja, for all the wonderful corporate temples which you built, these temples can now be used to ban generations of fault-finders.

We will continue to worship Lord Siva for your well being.

Your most humble servants, ISKCON sheep


Prayer to be used by envious fault finders

Dear Scootananda Swami,

it looks like you are soon wrap up your Gestapo pastimes, after your demise, maybe we will be able to speak the Absolute Truth without being persecuted. Maybe ISKCON will transform itself and allow free speech again. Srila Prabhupada originally came to the West to establish a society of brahmanas. The basic characteristic of a real brahmana is that he is free to speak the truth. Nobody can silence real brahmana, nobody can bribe him to stop speaking the Absolute Truth. But you and your Gestapo GBC buddies implemented a society which is exactly the opposite, it’s full of corporate sudras, who hate the Absolute Truth.

Puffed up, full of false prestige, you and your GBC mafia consider yourselves above all criticism. However, your dark history portrays a different picture. You kicked out of the movement dozens of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples, you glorified Kirtananda, the murderous pedophile, and you installed his successor, Radhanath baba to be the leader of your mafia.

But a real pure devotee doesn’t really care for criticism, and he is certainly not banning people who have a different opinion neither he is killing whistleblowers. I am not sure if anybody from the GBC Gestapo mafia reads Bhagavad-gita these days, but Krishna says:

One who is equal to friends and enemies, who is equiposed in honor and dishonor, heat and cold, happiness and distress, fame and infamy, who is always free from contamination, always silent and satisfied with anything, who doesn’t care for any residence, who is fixed in knowledge and engaged in devotional service, is very dear to Me. (BG 12.18-19)

Krishna must have been joking when he uttered this verse. 🤣🤣🤣 Because you and your GBC buddies established a Gestapo regime equaled only by the Chinese Communist Party.

And so the time was passing by, ISKCON Gestapo regime continued with its ruthless persecutions while ISKCON temple presidents were too well fed to protest, ordinary ISKCON members were too stupid to protest against the Gestapo regime you created. Intelligent people left and continued practicing Krishna consciousness on their own.

But now, sinful reactions appeared in the form of COVID-19, a disease that doesn’t really care for your Gestapo guru badge. A disease that doesn’t humbly serve GBC members. A disease that covertly seeks out its prey and then slowly chokes it to death.

Shallow religionists often see only the pleasant gifts of God, but let us now forget that Krishna is also an all-devouring death and the source of all diseases.

Not taking into consideration the final outcome, following in the footsteps of the honest Gunagrahi Swami, now is the time to apologize for all the persecutions, time is a luxury that Bhakti Charu Swami did not have.

Your servants, envious offenders