Please help Freezer Maharaja get a samadhi

Please help Freezer Maharaja get a samadhi

Another hilarious money scheme perpetrated by ISKCON.

UPDATE: Nov 30th, 2020. Salty maharaja is not in the freezer. This article mentions a statement by Bhakti Charu disciples that they need money to build “pushpa samadhi” in Ujjain. So, I assumed until samadhi is built, maharaja will stay in the freezer. However, that is not correct. If you are extremely saintly, you can have multiple samadhis, I didn’t know that. There is a main samadhi and “puspa samadhi”, and the body is stored in the main samadhi. So, maharaja is safe and well in his main samadhi in Mayapur, while puspa samadhi is not yet completed (because you didn’t give a couple of thousand dollars). Here is the youtube link, at 1:55:00 it is clearly visible that salty maharaja is sorted in the salt, not in the freezer. I apologize for the mistake, stay safe, and don’t forget to worship local ISKCON Gestapo maharaja and develop Gestapo bhakti.

I need money to maintain myself and my Gestapo buddies. So, people, please give me money because I have “some legal issues”. 🤣🤣🤣

There is nothing more hilarious than watching ISKCON sheep being ripped off of their money. I already presented many such schemes in the past, such as the story of 6000 hungry sevaks in Mayapur. Today, we are presenting another hilarious money scheme by ISKCON Ujjain which posted the following request on their page:

Let us comment on this for a moment:

Please Save Radha Madanmohan’s Temple!
A special offering to Guru Maharaj on his 75th Vyasapuja
Dear devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga.
Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan’s temple is facing an ongoing battle for the land. HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj built the magnificent marble temple in 2006 in remarkable time of 9 months and 20 days. Guru Maharaj personally gave his time and energy in every single detail of the temple.

Interestingly, Maharaja built a magnificent temple in just 9 months. Where did he get the money from? Financial transparency anyone? Of course not. Can I get financial reports for this temple? Of course not.

After a few years, there were some legal issues due to change in government norms and our temple land was legally cancelled. Since 2017 we are fighting in the court to give us the legal rights back for the land. By Krishna’s mercy recently, we are seeing some positive developments and expecting that the matter will soon be solved. However, in order to register the land legally it will cost close to Rs. 6 crores.

“Some legal issues”? What legal issues? If you expect me to give money, at least have the courtesy of telling me what actually happened. How do you legally cancel a land that already has buildings on it?

Now, we have to register the land legally? What does that even mean? How did you build the temple in the first place if the land was not yours? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

And now, we are supposed to believe in “change in government norms”. Now, all of the sudden, after you completed the buildings, the government changed norms? Really? 🤣🤣🤣

By the way, 6 crore rupees equal to over 800 000 USD. 🤣🤣🤣

Since, the land is under litigation, all the earning projects of temple like restaurant, guest house, gift shop, Ayurvedic clinic cannot function commercially. As a result temple is struggling economically. But, if the land issue can be solved, all these projects can be reopened for general public and temple can become self-sufficient. Unfortunately, till we do not solve this issue, legally we cannot build Guru Maharaj’s Puspa samadhi.

Piece of cake, we just need $800k to reopen. 🤣🤣🤣 And how exactly will this money be spent? We will pay for the land again which we already bought?

And they are claiming that they can’t build Puspa Samadhi for Maharaja. Tell, just keep Maharaja in the freezer, until you collect $800 000. 🤣🤣🤣 Or build a samadhi somewhere else, for example, in Mayapur.

Guru Maharaj was very concerned about this issue and he would often mention his desire to reopen all the closed projects like Govinda’s restaurant.
Total Temple Area under litigation : 15,000 sq meters)

No, Guru Maharaja created the whole situation by his retarded management, how can you build a temple and then get sued for it. That means Maharaja did many things against the law because he was thinking that he is above the law. That is a standard “ISKCON guru syndrome”, they all think that they are beyond the law.

Please help to secure land for Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan :
Save 50 sq meters
Save 100 sq meters
Save 200 sq meters
Or any portion of land…
*You can complete your commitment in instalments.*
Please contact us at
+91 77489 99722
We will look forward for your help to secure Guru Maharaj’s child project.

Sure, but before completing my commitment in installments, I will try to activate my brain in installments.

The deep dive

Newspaper article

I know I will not get the full truth from this incompetent ISKCON guys ever. Let us try newspaper article dated June 17th 2017:

Ujjain: The Urban development and housing department has issued orders to UDA to cancel allotments of plot number 33,34,35,36 and 37, which had been allotted to the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

The orders were issued after the high court decision was taken, on a petition filed by the Society for advocacy and reform, challenging the legality of the allotment of land to ISKCON, which has constructed the temple, administrative block, guest house and 6 storied building worth crores of rupees on the allotted land. Apparently, the land was allotted against rules and was not being used by ISCKON for the stated purposes.

The department also directed Ujjain Development Authority (UDA) to take back the land and arrange a resale. Chief executive officer of UDA, Abhishek Dubey said “the order received is lengthy and before taking possession of the land we shall study it and seek legal advice from expert lawyers.”

Now, we are slowly getting all the pieces in the puzzle, namely, it seems that land was allotted to ISKCON under certain conditions and that the ISKCON Gestapo organization broke those conditions, and that this is the real cause of the issue.

Real cause leaked in the petition

If we look at the text of the petition regarding this issue, we find the following explanation:

In fact ISKCON purchased said plots from Ujjain Development Authority (UDA) for the purpose of offices, spiritual and religious activities as per the determined price advertised by UDA. ISKCON built a beautiful temple, offices for different spiritual departments, residence for devotees (bhakta niwas), guest house (atithi niwas) through proper permission from collector, town and country planning and municipal corporation in 2006. But after 11 years of construction because of miscommunication between the government departments and UDA the allotment of said plots has been cancelled.

So, they have been given the land with the purpose of offices and religious activities. 6 story guest house hardly fits those two categories, since it falls in the commercial activities of hotels. And that seems to be the crust of the issue.

And look at this, this is even crazier:

About Rs. 30 Crores have been spent on these plots for all the above undertakings and this is where cultural, social, educational and spiritual activities are being conducted across the state.

What? 30 Crores is 4 million US dollars. What a hell is going on? I would like to see financial reports for those 4 million. If Freezer maharaja really spent that much money on those 3 buildings, then paying that 800 000 USD will be a piece of cake. 🤣🤣🤣

So, Freezer Maharaj got the land at a cheap price from the government, but then he cheated them by building the hotel and many other things he was not supposed to build. Here is a full walkthrough of the temple, where the guesthouse/hotel is clearly visible and it is much bigger than the temple:

Pesky neighbors

Not only that Freezer Maharaja built buildings that he didn’t have permission for, he built them right under government noses.  The Ujjain Development Authority (UDA) is right near the temple complex as it can easily be seen on Google maps:


ISKCON retards will now have to cash in $800 000 because their Freezer maharaja wanted to cheat the government. He was thinking that cheating the government is ok because we are doing it for Krishna. Well, we could rob banks for Krishna also.

So, the Facebook post, Newspaper article, and petition don’t really provide any clue why they need those $800 000. Did the government offer them a deal? Or those are lawyer expenses? It seems that Freezer Maharaja who cooked this whole problem will have remain in the freezer for now.

I mean, he could have easily collected this money by cutting on his helicopter rides and spiritual cruises.