Photoshopped photo turned out to be real

Photoshopped photo turned out to be real

Few days ago, I published photo which is so weird, that many people told me it was “photoshopped”. That is because they failed to notice that ISKCON has become sahajiya organisation which has publicly proven sannyasis with female secretaries . Once you wrap your head around that fact, massage is natural step further.

Interest and motivation

This photo seems valid because it was published by russian ISKCON sahajiyas in attempt to “glorify maharaja”. Sannyasi massaged by women is called “lila vilasa” according to them.

You can see the photo on the original webpage

Details of the “lila vilasa” (Translation from russian)

Krishna Priya devi dasi bowed to Maharaja.
When Maharaja entered the room, he said: “Krsna loves us, it was not easy to get here, I prefer to stay here.”

Half an hour later, the frozen Maharaj was lying on the sofa, and Krishna Priya devi dasi warmed him with a massage.

Full screenshot of the web page