Never Go Against Your Facebook Friend

Who was the first to save us Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia from Brajraj Sharan tour in 2016?

The GBC for Bosnia and Slovenia is Bir Krishna Goswami.

Instead of stopping this nonsense by public statement, there is attempt to make Ramesh sahajiya bonafide.

How do you make sahajiya acceptable in ISKCON for preaching and bhajans? Magic word is “Save the Yamuna project”.

So, since Ramesh is participating in cleaning up the Yamuna, this somehow makes it ok for his sahajiyas to come to Balkans and spread sahajiya nonsense amongst ISKCON devotees. Great idea.

And GBC for Bosnia and Slovenia is also friend of Brajraj Sharan on Facebook, as seen on this photo:

First engagement

This is a philosophical debate between devotee from Vrindavan and myself. On the point if Ramesh baba is mayavadi or not. (Only for the philosophically inclined, reading time 10 minutes).

Initial salvo

I open the Ramesh Sacinanandana Swami issue by posting two quotes from Srila Prabhupada and a video that is floating freely on the internet. As it turns out, posting Srila Prabhupada quotes and public videos can get you banned from ISKCON temple.

Hitler das finds out about ping pong in ISKCON (parody)

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