ISKCON’s “pure devotees” started introducing orgasm-tattva

ISKCON’s “pure devotees” started introducing orgasm-tattva

Ok, according to my degradation timeline, ISKCON was not supposed to have orgasm seminars till 2020, but I was wrong. For 75$, you can enjoy orgasm seminar today.

When initiated ISKCON members start giving seminars about orgasm, and they mention their ISKCON guru on the same page, this is the time when you need to start worrying.


First in Kemerovo: Anastasia Treshchilova (a disciple of O. Gadezky and A. Hakimov)
28 and 29 of July
After the finishing the training you will be able:
– to improve your health
– to work with blocks and locks
– to develop your sensitivity
– to increase the brightness of the senses
– to get different types of orgasms
– to increase the financial stream and well-being
– to get pleasure from every moment of life

Uniqueness of the training is that the balance of all spheres of life will increase

You will apply the skills, which you will get, not only in the skope of relationship with the partner but also in business, creative work and healing of the body.

Price: 5000 rubles. When paid till 17 of July – 4500 rubles.

Buffet lunch and individual consultations are included into the price. Gifts and surprises are waiting for you.

27 of July the hen party with Anastasia. Entrance is gratis!
[place:] Studio “Trinity”. Phones: 8 983 215 49 59, 8 950 570 72 49

As you can see, on the same poster, she is mentioning that topic of the seminar are orgasms and on the top, she is mentioning that she is disciple of ISKCON guru Chaitanya Chandra Charan. His legal last name is Hakimov. 😀 😀 😀 Actually, when you are giving seminar about orgasms, it is very good to mention your ISKCON guru to prove your orgasm lineage.

The investigation

As you can see on the poster, the name of the girl who will teach us about orgasm, is Anastasia Treshchilova

She has three row on tulasi necklace, means “initiated”. Her initiated name is Ahladini Kishori devi dasi, as visible from Russian website

Ok, now that we have the name, we can make search and try to find when was she initiated by Caitanya Candra Caran. As this russian forum confirms, she was initiated by Caitanya Candra Caran das in Krasnoyarsk on July 13, 2015:


When I see ISKCON initiated members give seminars about orgasm and they are mentioning their ISKCON guru on the advertisement, I am wondering did they receive orgasm knowledge from their ISKCON guru?

While giving seminars about orgasm, we should not imagine any new philosophy, we should strict follow the orgasm parampara. 😀 😀 😀 Otherwise we become orgasm sahajiyas. 😀 😀 😀

And orgasm guru can not become guru without experiencing orgasm first hand. If he is not orgasm realized, how will he teach his disciples? 😀 😀 😀

The more I speculate about this confidential seminar, the more confused I become. So, I better stop now.

Besides, speculation will not help me. Only way to receive orgasm knowledge is to submissively inquire from the proper source. 😀 😀 😀

How did we end up in the orgasm mess?

This happens when ISKCON leading body, GBC body, become compromised, then practically, anything goes. Orgasm tattva is natural progression, after nothing was done to stop sannyasis travelling with girlfriends around the world, for example Sacinandana baba.

It all started with Brazilian unlimited sex theory, preached by ISKCON leader in Brazil:

Brazilian unlimited sex theory

Then we had temple president check to cheek preaching tattva:

The cheek to cheek preaching strategy

Then we had main preacher in his third marriage giving all festival lectures:

Divorce acarya is back

Then we had senior divorced women sitting on the table:

Power of bad example

Then we had porn temple president tattva:

Sri Sri porn temple president tattva

Brahmacaries practicing meditation with girls:

How you get cheated by Radhanath baba

Then we got retards receiving initiation from Radhanath baba and dancing half naked on the beach:

Radhanath baba’s half naked movement

New Zealand Bauls who dance with girls:

New Zealand Bauls and Indradyumna’s passionate circus

And the list goes on and on. None of these deviations were sanctioned by the GBC body, and therefore we naturally entered into orgasm anarchy.