Only ISKCON sannyasis can afford to take their girlfriends across the ocean

Only ISKCON sannyasis can afford to take their girlfriends across the ocean

We want to thank our newest spy who joined Lasting Impression team, Indradyumna baba. He mercifully published photos of Sacinandana baba and his girlfriend.

Fortunately, Indradyumna baba likes to take photos of pretty girls. And he likes helping cleaning up ISKCON of all fake sannyasis and their girlfriends. All pretty girls should not waste time serving less attractive sannyasis. They should join Indradyumna baba’s choreographed dance. They can dance through the cities and “attract” men (to Krishna consciousness).

Indradyumna baba mercifully published another wonderful album full of young pretty girls (this is especially good for brahmacries to watch). This is from a retreat in North Carolina. And this is also very “spiritual”. Of course, being envious, I am not looking only of pretty girl photos, I am looking for photos of sannyasis and their girlfriends.

I can see the baba is happy. And his haircut is pretty cool. The only thing that should be improved on in this photo is baba’s garland. Sannyasis with girlfriends should have better garlands I think. ?

Sacinandana baba secretary is an old lady on the left. Since ISKCON sannyasis are allowed to have female assistants who are over 60 years old. ?

Now, I am wondering, how Bhanu Nandini arrived in America all the way from  Germany? Who paid for her ticket? Since she is unemployed, I mean, she is using all her time to “serve the Maharaja”. Could we conclude that “Maharaja” mercifully paid for her ticket?

Many female disciples of Sacinandana baba see their guru maybe once a year, but Bhanu is traveling with Maharaja everywhere. My God, Maharaja is so merciful. ❤️❤️❤️

To prepare ourselves for the 10th-anniversary celebration of Sacinandana Swami monogamous sannyasa relationship, we are sending another photo.

This photo is from 2007, published in 2009. If you don’t find this photo romantic, I can tell you that you are not mature enough to take sannyasa in ISKCON.

Something for weirdos

If you are an ISKCON weirdo who doesn’t accept that sannyasis can have girlfriends, you can still join the North Carolina retreat and receive “Garsha ri garsha” initiation.

It’s important to understand that “Garsha ri Garsha” initiation is bonafide. ??

After all, if you are initiated by bonafide Garsha ri Garsha guru, you can go to Garsha-loka. And if you doubt your Garsha ri Garsha guru, look at the smiling face of Ravindra Svarupa, he is also ISKCON guru and he fully supports Garsha ri Garsha initiations. Otherwise, he wouldn’t sit closely and smile. This is the essence of ISKCON cheating. First, they imagined the “guru list” and now, they are propping up fake gurus in the “guru list”. Society of cheaters and the cheated.

And Garsha ri Garsha initiations will never spread unless they get support from charismatic guru Indradyumna baba and his girls. ???

We should also not forget the power of sannyasi-girlfriend combination. Sannyasis with divine girlfriends can take you back to Godhead. That is the power of love. ❤️❤️❤️ If you don’t believe this, you are an offender and you will be kicked out of ISKCON.