One brave Prabhupada’s man

One brave Prabhupada’s man

Last year, we had a major glitch in the ISKCON’s censorship program, one brave man dared to disagree with modern ISKCON gurus who are considering Prabhupada as “nothing special”.

In case you wonder, which guru supports sahajiyas, it is enough to open Journey home book, on page 339.

If you want to see full list of nonsense gurus in Journey Home book, you can check out my video “Journey home and the A.S.S. philosphy” in which I cover all the nonsense people Radhanath baba is considering as saints.

If you think Radhanath baba appreciates Prabhupada as something special, check this my “Bangalore disaster video” which proves that Radhanath baba doesn’t care about Prabhupada at all.