Niranjana Swami joins sannyasi-girlfriend alliance

Niranjana Swami joins sannyasi-girlfriend alliance

So, where is Sacinandana baba these days? Well, according to my sources from Russia, and according to Sacinandana baba’s own website, he is in Moscow:


Question is, who in his right mind would invite a sannyasi who was caught travelling with his girlfriends numerous times. That is not a smart choice, because supporters of sannyasis with girlfriends can be easily caught. It is enough to check who is GBC for Moscow:

Acyutatma das

He was accepted to GBC body last year, and immediately added as zonal secretary for Moscow. GBC midterm resolutions for 2017. Here is full resolution 101:

  1. Hridayananda Das Goswami is elected as a GBC member with zonal responsibility for Brazil.
  2. Acyutatma Das is elected as a GBC member with zonal responsibilities for Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  3. The resignation of Bhakti-Vijnana Goswami is accepted.
  4. The GBC Body appoints a team of Romapada Swami, Devamrita Swami, Radhanath Swami and Vaisesika Das to function as the GBC authority for the Greater New York area.

Sacinandana baba’s greatest supporter in ISKCON is Radhanath Swami, we can see that Sacinandana baba and his girlfriend mostly visit temples which are managed by Radhanath Swami disciples. For example, Sacinandana baba visited New York’s Bhakti-center last year, and he also visited London, and London is full of Radhanath baba disciples.

Bhakti-Vijnana Swami who stepped down is very dedicated disciple of Radhanath Swami, he accepted reinitiation from him after Harikesa Swami blooped. And we can see that Acyutatma is nothing else but a brainless copy of Bhakti-Vijnana Swami, fully supportive of contaminating the Moscow yatra by inviting sannyasis with girlfriends.

Gopal Krishna Goswami

For Gopal Krishna Goswami, it’s not strange at all that he supports sannyasis with female secretaries because he also has one.

Niranjana Swami

Third and last co GBC for Moscow is Niranjana Swami.

Why would he support inviting sannyasis with female secretaries or girlfriends to his zone? I was appreciating  Niranjana Swami up until now as genuine follower of Prabhupada, but this is for me personally big disappointment. Well, maybe he didn’t know. Well, as a GBC, his job is to know about gross deviations in ISKCON and protect his yatra against them. Otherwise, what is the point of him being the GBC.

The refresher

If you are new to my website, and you are not sure about evidence against Sacinandana baba and the proof that he is travelling around the world with his girlfriend for the last 10 years, you can check full file on Sacinandana Swami. Here are some of the videos which contain ton of evidence:


Unconfirmed reports tell me that Sacinandana baba will give sunday feast lecture in two days, so let’s shake things a little bit so that there will be many smiling faces on that lecture.