BREAKING NEWS: Massage bliss introduced in sannyasi life

BREAKING NEWS: Massage bliss introduced in sannyasi life

UPDATE: Further invesgation shows that this photo is not photoshopped

Today is a good day for ISKCON, sannyasis can be massaged by women. As you can see from the photo, the whole project is still in the infant stages, masseur is old and not so attractive, but this brave move is a great step toward cat and dog society, and sannyasis, as usual, lead the way.

And don’t dare to criticize, this is “devotional service”, if you think otherwise, you are offender and you will be sent to North Korea to be educated how to appreciate the “dear leaders”.


As you can see project is still in early stages, and it has some rough edges, but if this goes unsanctioned, probably we can see great improvements in this field.

But probably there will be no sanctions, because sannyasi minister Prahladananda Swami is a lying diksa guru who likes to cover up female sannyasi secretaries, and this nonsense will also remain unsanctioned. Actually, GBC body will probably punish Sacinandana baba, that he must not eat sweets of 3 days or something like that.

And it is very important for every ISKCON member to stay quiet and tolerate nonsense, this is essential if you want to remain member of ISKCON. You see, it’s not problem from sannyasis to be massaged by women, problem is if you publish articles about it, then you become eligible to be punished, other than that, it’s all cool.

And never forget to chant Hare Krishna, maha mantra is powerful enough to bring you back to Godhead, even if your guru is a “massage swami”. Best example for this is Saibaba, although he was nonsense, all his followers went Back to Godhead because they were chanting Hare Krishna, 🙂 🙂 🙂 You actually have to believe this if you want to be proper member of ISKCON.

Future will bring many pleasures to sannyasis and many “service opportunities” for young girls.

Please study the smile of this man and compare it to Sacinandana baba’s smile and you will find them very similar. Bliss is definitely there.

I mean sannyasis should be massaged, they are traveling a lot, constant traveling is big stress, and I never traveled anywhere and still I dare to criticize. I am very bad.

Just to be be fair, I think Sacinandana baba’s female secretary who travels with him is also working very hard to keep maharaja happy:

My point is, secretaries should also have opportunity to relax and be massaged by brahmacari’s, only then we will have fully gender equal society:

Please stay quiet and tolerate Sacinandana baba, this is the only way for ISKCON to progress, and remember, Sacinandana baba is protected by greatest baba of all, Radhanath baba, if they got away with Ramesh nonsense, a little massage is not a problem.