Never attack pushya abhiseka in ISKCON

Never attack pushya abhiseka in ISKCON

WOW, Swarup Hebel just gave me mercy. I complained about Radhanath Swami and his pushya abhiseka on his thread. Pushya abhiseka is an imagined ceremony introduced by Radhanath Swami.

You can see the whole thread here

Was I rude anywhere in that post? Since discussion was revolving Deity worship in dirty temple, I mentioned that Deity worship should be performed according to proper standard otherwise we will be doing imagined ceremonies like pushya abhiseka ceremony imagined by Radhanath Swami.

Well, it turns out that pushya abhiseka ceremony, a ISKCON newest mental concotion is very dear to many disciples of Srila Prabhupada. They are ready to ban people for it. And Radhanathji Maharaja can not be criticised for his mental concoctions. Because every nonsense imagined by His Holiness Radhanath Swami is not ordinary nonsense, it is transcendental nonsense.

This morning, Swarup Hebel blocked me on Facebook, and send me this private message:

This happens when you don’t accept ISKCON’s concocted Deity worship ceremonies.

So, fighting for Prabhupada legacy, fighting imagined Deity worship ceremonies, this is called “farthing”, and quoting Prabhupada to prove my point, which I did, is called “shitting”.

And he is comparing me with Tim Lee, who is a rtvik who has never understood parampara, rather he is preaching new age Christian theology. In what way am I similar to Tim Lee, I don’t know. Just because I am not willing to accept Radhanath Swami’s concocted ideas, such as saintly Ramesh baba and saintly LSD saint Neem Karoli.

Additionally, he wrote on the post itself:

Thank you Swarup Hebel prabhu for mercifully stopping me from attacking imagined Deity Worship ceremonies. You will certainly earn glory by protecting Radhanath baba. I am giving you my full blessings to do pushya abhiseka life after life.

If you want to check the history of pushya abhiseka, check this article:

Pushya abhisek fraud exposed


I am always amazed how people are not able to give one single argument against pushya abhiseka, rather they are staunchly defending fake gurus who leading them into a wrong direction by imagining new rules in Deity worship.