Monkey descendents run ISKCON news website

Monkey descendents run ISKCON news website

As the lasting impression movement is growing, we need to add more authors to this website, below is an article which exposes the fact that some of the ISKCON news editors descended from monkeys. ISKCON news is operated by the GBC body member Anuttama das. The author of below article wished to remain anonymous. website and this type of articles are fully supported by the monkey descendents in the GBC body, who are very annoyed by any sight of civilised human behaviour, so much so that they will immediately ban the book which advocates human behaviour.

Article by guest blogger who wished to remain anonymous

Here is a an excerpt from a nice article about evolution that I found online:

“More than 3 million years ago, our ancient human ancestors, including their toddler-aged children, were standing on two feet and walking upright, according to a new study published in Science Advances.”,6646/

I just have two problems with this article; mainstream evolution theory is nonsense mythology and this article was published on, the official “News Agency Of The International Society For Krishna Consciousness”. This article can be found in the “World News” column, but why does the official Iskcon news website have a mundane news column? Can’t devotees just get their world news from non-devotional news sources?
However the disturbing part is that this article, and others, are promoting mainstream evolution theory on the official news website of Srila Prabhupada’s Iskcon! Observe:

“As an evolutionist, I see human beings as the products of the same natural forces that shaped all other life on earth. Our brains evolved on this planet subject to the same kinds of natural selection pressures as those that shaped peacock feathers.”,152/

This quote is from Dr. Shawn Carlson of the Texas Academy of Science who is a self-proclaimed “evolutionist”. Dr. Carlson’s beliefs are not any of my business but why is this goofy article, which is promoting evolution theory and which has nothing to do with Krishna consciousness at all just like the other article, on the official news website for Iskcon?
Now because I don’t want this article to become too long I will spare you the 500 million (at least) quotes where Srila Prabhupada spoofs primitive, backward evolution mythology. However I would like to have a quick look at what the Vedas say about the origin of life in the universe:

While he was thus absorbed in contemplation and was observing the supernatural power, two other forms were generated from his body. They are still celebrated as the body of Brahma. The two newly separated bodies united together in a sexual relationship. Out of them, the one who had the male form became known as the Manu named Svayambhuva and the woman became known as Satarupa, the queen of the great soul Manu. Thereafter, by sex indulgence, they gradually increased generations of population one after another. (Srimad Bhagavatam 3.12.52-55)

Here are some verses from the Vishnu Purana describing the inconceivable power of Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma:

Obeying the command of Brahmá, he made movable and immovable things, bipeds and quadrupeds….. (Book One Chapter 15, page 115)

From that period forwards living creatures were engendered by sexual intercourse: before the time of Daksha they were variously propagated, by the will, by sight, by touch, and by the influence of religious austerities practised by devout sages and holy saints. (Book One Chapter 15, pages 115-116. These verses are taken from a translation of the Vishnu Purana published by Horace Hayman Wilson in 1840.)

So Lord Brahma created the first human beings and other demigod prajapatis created other forms of life (Lord Brahma is also described as having created other forms of life). This first man and woman made by the “creator” story can also be found in the Bible and Koran (Adam and Eve).

So anyway I’m sure that nobody who visits is surprised by any of this deviation stuff anyone; it’s Iskcon after all. However it would be nice if we had some proper leadership.