Meet Tamohara – a wonderful Gestapo officer

Meet Tamohara – a wonderful Gestapo officer

This article is another praise for our brave Gestapo officer, Tamohara das, protector of Gestapo dharma.

Here is my commentary on a recent Facebook note published by Jvalamukhi dasi in which she reveals even more evidence of the brutality of the ISKCON Gestapo regime. I will add my comments inline.

From: tamohara <>
Fri, Apr 28, 2017, 2:27 PM
to Jvalamukhi, Mrkanda, Mukhya
Dear Jvalamukhi and Mrkanda Prabhus,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Your recent postings on facebook have caused much concern among the community members at New Raman Reti. We want you to know that we take child abuse or pastoral abuse very seriously. You probably know that I was the Child Protection Office Director for several years, and am very aware of the impact of abuse on individuals as well as to their families and community.
We would like to help resolve your issues, and discuss the most appropriate ways to deal with these concerns. Thus, we would like to have a meeting between the four of us – Tamohara das, Mukhya devi dasi, Jvala Mukhi devi dasi, and Mrkanda das.
Please let us know times that would be good for you to meet next week.
Your servant,
Tamohara das (Chair, NRR Board of Directors)

Oh my God, I didn’t know that a Facebook post can cause “much concern”. I thought that wars, oil spills, and Uighur detention camps cause “much concern”.

Before banning Jvalamukhi for complaing about child abuse, Gestapo officer says: “We take child abuse very seriously” This is the tip of ISKCON hypocrisy. They are taking child abuse so seriously that they are going to ban everybody who publishes anything regarding child abuse. That looks to me exactly opposite from taking child abuse seriously.

“We would like to help resolve your issues” Wow, that’s a nice gesture. And the issue will be resolved by banning you.

From: Jvala Kopecka <>
Sat, Apr 29, 2017, 11:38 AM
to Tamohara, Mukhya
Thank you for your kind offer of support. I don’t feel I have any need to meet with you at this time. If devotees are concerned about what I spoke, then you can have them contact me directly.
Yours in service,
Jvalamukhi dd
Subject: Need for meeting!
From: tamohara <>
Fri, May 5, 2017, 8:54 AM
to me, Mukhya, Mantrini, Ranjit, Sukhada, Sri, Radhikesh, Kesava, Emmanuel, Amrita, Dina
Dear Jvala Mukhi prabhu,
Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Following up on your declining to meet with us, the Board of Directors of New Raman Reti (members copied) discussed the situation and felt that there must be further follow up. Many community members are upset and disturbed by your internet postings including statements that are highly critical of ISKCON leaders and devotees’ gurus. There is concern that you may disrupt temple programs and functions, and further disturb devotees in the community.
On behalf of the Board, we must tell you that your continued attendance and participation at any temple programs must immediately cease, until after such time as you have met with Tamohara das and Mukhya devi dasi.
Please contact Mukhya devi dasi as soon as possible to arrange this meeting.
Your servant,
Tamohara das

This is what happens when you post on Facebook and reject an invitation to a Gestapo meeting. Basically, you are finished.

Tamohara basically says: “You are banned immediately if you don’t meet with us.” How can this retard even be temple president or GBC? In the land of the free and home of the brave? This email exchange looks like some Chinese horror movie.

But did this Gestapo officer ever said what Facebook post is the actual problem? If a particular Facebook post is a problem, which sentence in that Facebook post is not the truth. He failed to mention that. This is typical for every Gestapo organization. They don’t argue based on evidence, they argue based on their Gestapo ideology. In other words, “You are wrong because I say you are wrong, and I don’t have to prove anything before banning you.”

Now, there are some ISKCON gurus who like to cry after Radharani, and their disciples like to post videos of such crying on Facebook claiming that they are “very advanced”. But any guru who is willing to be a member of Gestapo society such as ISKCON is actually a very cruel person.

As far as I am personally concerned, these emails written by Tamohara are very sad and a good reason to cry.

He is ready to kick out from the movement somebody who was born in the movement, somebody who was serving in this movement for many years, just over one Facebook post. Tamohara das is a very cruel criminal, all the GBC members who established this kind of a Gestapo society are cruel puffed up criminals. All the Gestapo gurus who are working under Gestapo body commission are hypocrites of the highest order.

From: Jvalamukhi to Temple board
Hare Krsna Prabhus,
Please accept my humble obeisances, and all glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please forgive me for the delayed response. I just now discovered your email lost in my inbox.
Is anyone “disturbed” about the possibility that I may be speaking the truth, or is it just that I am making them uncomfortable, raising doubts about their guru? Has anyone expressed concern about how “disturbed” I’ve been all these years? Why only now, when I speak publicly and receive so much support from the world wide devotee community?
I understand that my experience and words represent a real threat to devotees who have put their whole devotional lives in the hands of Radhanatha Swami. What I shared on the video in question is a true account of my conversation with him. Is anyone expressing concern about his words to me and their huge implications? I too had my worldview rocked and my faith challenged to the core. That night, I was in total spiritual crises. It is far from comfortable. It is easier to kill the messenger than accept such a possibility. I know.
I expected no different. The majority of second generation devotees who presented their abuse by a current respected ISKCON leader were not well received. They were demonized at first.
It takes great courage and faith to explore the truth. For you all, it is optional. I do not have that prerogative. I live it. It was a matter of life and death for me, face the truth of my abuse and heal or force it back down and die, literally. And believe you me! I WISH I was wrong and crazy! Then it would just be MY problem! Unfortunately, there are quite a few others in the same boat as myself. I just happen to be fearless. Speaking the truth at great personal risk is my life’s offering to Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON.
You are quick to summon me to a meeting, and if I do not comply, to ban me. May I ask if you have also issued the same requirements to Radhanatha Swami, or are you acting as judge, jury, and executioner already? Is he above question being a “pure devotee” and I, the “offender”, a small lone woman who can be easily sanctioned because devotees feel “disturbed”?
There are 2 possibilities here.
1. That I am delusional, and you are right and I, for some insane reason, I have decided to bring upon myself and my family all this criticism, rejection, and difficulty in my own life.
2. That I am telling the truth, and that you are doing the opposite of what you claim to be there for, i.e. following through on the initiative of child protection that you claim is most important in ISKCON, supporting devotees, and having zero tolerance for child abuse, and standing up for the victims, who have historically been blamed and forgotten about.
I generally do not attend the temple programs anymore because I find it painful and disheartening to see the hypocrisy, and to have to see the faces of persons who hurt me in the past and continue to try at every opportunity to discredit me and others who speak up. When I do attend, it is for my children and to support my nieces in their performances. I practice at home like so many others who are not welcome for similar reasons.
I thought about meeting with you both but after careful consideration, I see no use in it. Why? Because my experience with Mukhya Prabhu in the past does not lend itself to feeling safe. She seems to feel that she has the right to verbally lambast and ban anyone for anything that she feels threatens the current ISKCON political state, justifying it with “private property”. Maybe she truly believes she is pleasing Srila Prabhupada and Krsna with her behavior, although there is no precedent by His Divine Grace of such. To my knowledge, the only person he said should never come back to an ISKCON temple was a known child molester, not a child of his movement claiming abuse.
This temple would not exist without Srila Prabhupada’s money, his sweat and blood, his mercy, and without the support of all of his followers of which I am one. Any banning from HIS temple must then necessarily be done to please him. Please tell me how this decision to ban me, and in effect, my husband and children, is pleasing to His Divine Grace? How is keeping us away from his temples and the spiritual programs that he put into effect protecting the congregation?
Mukhya devi dasi, without even having a conversation with me, already made some disparaging announcements to the congregation to not believe me, so you please tell me why I should feel inspired to trust her or you?
And Tamohara Prabhu, neither do I feel safe with you. While respecting your efforts to serve Srila Prabhupada’s mission, my impressions of you are that you’re more interested to protect an organizational status quo, than to stand strong for the integrity of Srila Prabhupada’s mission, or to care about me personally. Afterall, I spoke in front of 1,000 devotees back in 2013 in Mayapur on my experiences in ISKCON gurukula and that video was also quite well circulated. No one from the temple cared to reach out then, so why now?
Also, another gurukuli told me of how you maltreated her (mildly stated), when you were the head of the gurukula in CA in the early 80’s. Your involvement with CPO makes me question your motives. After all, historically in ISKCON two abusers, Murlivadaka and Jagadish, both held posts as heads of education which was perfect cover up for their abuses, putting them above question in the eyes of most, and look at what they did! Therefore, please excuse me, I do not feel safe with you.
I have spent the last seven years healing. It has often taken all my strength to keep on going. I have paid, and paid, and paid. My tears, my prayers, my terror, rage, helplessness, frustration, and finally forgiveness and acceptance, all transformed my heart into a suitable temple for Paramatma and Srila Prabhupada. When I drive by the temple, I offer my obeisances in my heart and feel the Lord’s reciprocation. This temple of my heart is now safe for me. This is more than enough for me.
I am profoundly grateful to Krsna for all these lessons, but it saddens me to see Srila Prabhupada’s movement so compromised. We moved to this community for our children, yet what will they learn by attending? Hypocrisy? Thus do I speak.
There is a wide gulf of disconnect that separates most people who attend the temple and myself and others like me. Unless anyone took the time and trouble to study the horrible things that are present in my daily life through continuous flashbacks, body memories, and panic attacks, how could they relate? No, it is much easier to simply cast me out and say I’m off. I do understand. Denial is the drug of choice for most.
The only reason I am speaking up on the internet is for the sake of all of the sincere devotees who may want the real thing, and who are currently being taken for a ride. I feel deeply for them and what their condition will be when this whole facade comes crashing down, as it must, in Krsna’s time. Most devotees are innocent and sincere, therefore, I am trying my best to, as gently as possible, tell them the truth.
I am open to having a conversation with the board or anyone for that matter. The topic of sexual abuse, of which there are varying degrees of severity, especially as it relates to possible “pastoral abuse”, as well as the cover up attempt called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, though unpalatable and complex subject matters, require a degree of education, otherwise any conversation will be fruitless. Is there anyone of the board who is willing to spend time with these topics and become educated? Until we create a safe, honest, and mutually beneficial environment for such dialogues to take place, I cannot take part.
Additionally, there MUST be an outside professional therapist present at our meeting who is well versed in these topics. The conclusions of the professional can be published for the information of all the “disturbed” congregation members.
Thus far, no one has made any attempts to educate themselves in these matters, rather, the unfortunate ISKCON track record is one of coverup, obfuscation, and protecting people in high places at the huge emotional cost of their victims.
Now you are banning me. You are willing to discard and even prevent me from coming to see Their Lordships? Is this your contribution to my healing?
Are you truly well wishers of Srila Prabhupada’s children or are you willing to ostracize those who have suffered in order to protect those in high positions, even if it means that it would set their own healing back?
What message does this send to all the hundreds of gurukulis who have suffered abuse and are gathering up the courage to speak out in order to heal and protect future generations of children of ISKCON? That if you dare speak up, in the “House which Srila Prabhupada built for the whole world to live”, the house in which “you” have taken your birth, then you will be banned from seeing your Lord and only shelter and gathering with the devotees!?
And even worse, what message is it sending current and future abusers and perpetrators? That “We’ve got your back. You have a license to do as you please. We will NEVER question you, especially if you hold a high profile in the society.”
This is also perpetuating spiritual abuse in our society where those in power are to be followed without question. To question is in and of itself an “offense”. It is like saying, “We will even help you dishonor, discredit, bully and throw your victims out of Srila Prabhupada’s temples, completely disregarding the psychological consequences it may have on your victims. So if victims choose to end their life after losing the only shelter left for them in this world, oh well, it just shows how fallen they were, right?”
How will this ban affect my children and other family members? What does this say to them? Think carefully before you respond as you are in a position that many see as representing Srila Prabhupada and the ISKCON that he built. Your response and mood on these very important matters will speak volumes.
Therefore, you do as you need. I will do my service, you do yours. Oh. You can also go ask Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara, Sri Sri Krsna Balarama, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, Lord Nrsimhadeva, and Srila Prabhupada how They feel about me and what I am speaking. Ask Them what would be pleasing. I did……..
Yours in service to Srila Prabhupada,
Jvalamukhi dd
P.s. I am coming to Madhuri’s performance on Saturday. I humbly request that for the sake of our children, especially Madhuri, that you refrain from making a scene. You have my word, I will create no disturbance on my end.
(There was no response to this email from the temple board. It was all ignored.)

Here, Jvalamukhi tries to steer the conversation to a real question, if her Facebook post/video was true or not. But the Gestapo temple board didn’t even bother to reply.

Now, you might think that you will live happily in such a Gestapo movement because you will not rock the boat, you will not criticize anybody and you will be a “good retard”.

However, what will happen if your wife gets stolen by “senior authority”, what will happen if your money gets misappropriated. Will you stay silent? What will happen if your best friend gets kicked out from ISKCON by a Gestapo leadership? Will you protest? Will you still worship your Gestapo guru who will tell you to remain silent?

Mukhya devi dasi <>
Fri, May 19, 2017, 6:01 PM
to me
Dear Jvalamukhi ,
Regarding the dance performance Saturday night, I will take you on your word that you will create no disturbance there, so come and see your niece dance.
Further temple attendance depends on your willingness to meet with myself and Tamohara.
If you want a psychiatrist present Dr. Swarupa Acyuta might agree to come, he has no connection to the CPO or other persons and groups you do not trust, and we would approve him being there.
In Krishna’s service,
Mukhya dd

This perfect example of the cruelty of Tamohara das and pure Gestapo devotees. They will not only mess with you, but they will also destroy your children, your spouse, your family and anybody else who dares to disagree with “guru-form” gurus.

And of course, if you happen to criticize an ISKCON guru, we have a psychiatrist handy in case you need him. Well, only person who need a shrink here is Gestapo Tamohara who still doesn’t understand that World War 2 is over and that he doesn’t need to persecute everybody who doesn’t agree with the “dear leader”.

Did any ISKCON guru or GBC member volunteer to help Jvalamukhi? To get her unbanned? To apply some pressure on Gestapo officer Tamohara? Of course not. Once you “become offensive”, you are on your own. And being offensive means to post anything on Facebook which doesn’t please your corporate Gestapo masters.

Jvala Kopecka <>
Fri, May 19, 2017, 11:21 AM
to tamohara, Mukhya, Mantrini, Ranjit, Sukhada, Sri, Radhikesh, Kesava, Emmanuel, Amrita, Dina
Hare Krsna Prabhus,
I also took the time to find these quotes. Please read and apply.
Yours in service,
Jvalamukhi dd

Regarding banning: “This is never to be done” -Srila Prabhupada
Srila Prabhupada Letter to Mukunda,
November 6, 1973:
“Another request I have to you is that there have now been two instances of when somebody does not agree, you try to get them out by calling the police. This is never to be done. This is the mistaken policy of Syamasundara, but do not follow this principle. With great difficulty we get a man. We have to reform them. Our business is to become sympathetic to fallen souls. So in future do not do it at all. Everything should be done amicably.”
Srila Prabhupada Letter to Jayapataka, August 12, 1969:
“Regarding Narottama dasa, our policy should be to keep members as much as possible. We should not flatly say ‘You must leave.’ That is not our policy.”
Srila Prabhupada Letter to Tamala Krsna, N.B. August 23, 1973:
“It should be our definite policy that nobody is ill treated that he may go away. We recruit a person to join us after spending gallons of blood. Everyone comes for reformation, you cannot expect everyone to be perfect, rather it is our duty to make everyone perfect as far as possible. So we shall be very much cautious and careful in this connection.”
Srila Prabhupada Letter to Rupanuga Maharaja, April 23, 1974:
“A diseased man is always under the clutches of disease but if he follows the prescribed orders given by the physician he can be cured. Now how to reform. If we ask him to go away the whole society will be finished. In the hospital many patients are there and the attempt is made to cure them, not to tell them to go away or to kill them. They try their best to cure them. If they tell them to get out of the hospital or if they kill them, that is easy.”
Sri Caitanya-caritamrta [Adi-lila, Ch. 9 TEXT 29] PURPORT
“There is no distinction made between those who are fit and those who are not fit to hear or take part in the sankirtana movement.”
When are our leaders going to follow these instructions of Srila Prabhupada? Only those who pose a danger to devotees, violent criminals, pedophiles and rapists should be banned. NOT on account of difference of opinion. NEVER.
(There was no response from the temple board to this.)

Jvalamukhi is trying to convince Gestapo officers that they should not be Gestapo. Well, if they really cared about Srila Prabhupada, they would never establish Gestapo society in the first place. Right?

From Jvalamukhi Dasi To Temple President,
Hare Krishna Mukhya Dasi,
Out of etiquette and to avoid any drama or trauma to me or my children, I am writing to you to please allow my family to come celebrate our Lord’s appearance day at the temple, for the sake of my children.
I cannot send them alone so if you could please find it within your heart to allow my family to celebrate the Lord’s appearance together as a family and with the devotee community.
My only intention to be present is for my children to experience this festival and feel enlivened and nothing else.
I pray that the Lord, on this most auspicious day of His appearance, inspires your heart with softness, compassion and understanding for the experience many gurukulis like me have had, though it might be completely out of, or contrary to your own personal experiences and not cast them away or deny them the right to celebrate the Lord’s appearance.
I pray that you may exhibit a similar mood of that of your eternal spiritual master, as his daughter and follower, towards any soul who has chosen to surrender to the Lord and especially for those whom took birth in his movement, as you are striving to serving him in this capacity.
What would be his response?
What is yours?
With respect,
Jvalamukhi Dasi

Yea, ruthless criminals will ban you, your children, your spouse, they don’t care, let even the children suffer. No considerations. As long as you dare to disagree with Pure Murder Accomplice Radhanath baba, you are finished.

Mukhya devi dasi <>
Aug 14, 2017, 6:45 PM
to Dina, Dr, Emmanuel, Kesava, Mantrini, Ranjit, Rasamrita, Sri, sukhada, me, Tamohara
Hare Krishna Jvalamukhi prabhu,
Your email less than a day before the festival takes place is not giving me enough time to discuss your request to come to Janmastami with our community board, and I can’t make this call myself.
You’ve already been informed that many devotees in our community are angry and upset by your facebook accusations against your spiritual master and our ISKCON society. Without some resolve to this devotees will not be comfortable with your being at the festival.
Your children can come with family members or other friends.
in Krsna’s service,
Mukhya dd

Oh, many devotees are angry and upset? Why are they angry and upset? Because they are brainless retards. If somebody disagrees with your guru, then your duty as a disciple is to defend your guru with arguments, not just to scream all day long and try to ban everybody.

If you select Donald Duck as a guru, that is your problem, it’s not anybody else’s problem. If you want to ban everybody who doesn’t agree that Donald Duck is pure, that is a crazy idea.

And I personally think that Donald Duck is much more qualified to be a guru than Radhanath Swami. At least Donald Duck is not creepy Gestapo who kills people. Donald Duck is often angry because he knows that this material world is a world of disturbances, while ignorant Radhanath baba tries to be peaceful all the time, which is not possible.

Secondly, Donald Duck goes early to bed, if you don’t believe me, check the video:

And Donald duck absolutely never plays harmonica with girls like Radhanath baba (if you don’t believe this video is “transcendental” you will be kicked out of ISKCON):

Dina Bandhu das <>
Aug 14, 2017, 8:55 PM
to Mukhya, me, Tamohara, Dr, Emmanuel, Kesava, Mantrini, Ranjit, Rasamrita, Sri, sukhada

I agree

Oh, Dina Bandhu agrees that Jvalamukhi can come to the temple once more with her children before she gets banned permanently. Oh, he is such a Gestapo gentleman.

Jvala Kopecka <>
Aug 15, 2017, 1:11 AM
to Dina, Mukhya, Dr, Emmanuel, Kesava, Mantrini, Ranjit, Rasamrita, Sri, Tamohara, sukhada
I feel both anger and sadness at your response and the consciousness that it demonstrates. I received no reply from anyone on the two last emails that I sent in which I painstakingly detailed with my position and the instructions of his divine grace Srila Prabhupada on the subject of banning. It seems that without addressing any of the issues, you simply keep insisting that I am offensive, with no reference to what I actually spoke or represented.
There was an offense committed, however it was not on my part. Last time I checked, speaking truth was not an offense but the spiritual duty of all sincere souls. Let us not forget the many many histories of child abuse and cover up in our movement especially the incidence of New Vrindavan.
Those of you who have known me for decades, have you ever known me to speak an untruth? Have you ever known my character to be out of integrity? Have I been anything but kind to everyone? And those of you who do not know me, have you spoken to me?
Therefore I find it simply astonishing that after so many decades of relationship, when I finally come forward with a very painful truth the response is to simply ostracize, label, and ban me. What does this have to do with Vaisnava behavior? What does this have to do with the mood of His Divine Grace? Will you address this or simply avoid the topic once again? Again, this is proof of what I spoke publicly. Your reaction is the proof of the sad sad state of affairs.
Everyone on the board who supports banning me for my opinions and expressions of such is not in order with the implicit instructions of our founder acarya. Being a guru is not done by popular vote but by qualification. No one but the Lord in the heart knows the truth of what really happened, and in His time, He will reveal it to all.
If I am not allowed to speak my truth without fear of being ostracized by so-called representatives of his divine grace, then this present ISKCON society most clearly is no longer under his guidance and all that I have spoken is confirmed .
Out of curiosity, how many of you spent the time to actually watch my video presentation? I find it very curious that people are calling me offensive and that I am rejecting my spiritual master when in fact I neither criticized him nor took initiation from him. What I spoke on the video was an actual recounting of my experience and conversation with him as well as with another gurukuli. Just because this does not agree with your opinion in no way authorizes you to ban me regardless of how uncomfortable you or other supporters of RNS may feel. Position does not equal spiritual advancement. Please refer to Isopanisad verse number 12 .
I have a right to attend the temple programs because I am a child of this movement. This is my home! I experienced rape and torture at the hands of some people who you currently worship. If you are not open to hearing the truth of my experiences and that of many others, then certainly you are not honest people, and where there is hypocrisy, Kali has every right to be present. Therefore I can understand that I am wasting my time speaking to you who are under the spell. I will not ask again, and will trust the Lord to educate you. I pray your education will not be as painful as mine.
Rasamrita Prabhu, why have you remained silent? You know me very well,……
I hope you all have a very pleasant Janmastami.
Praying to be useful in your service, Jvalamukhi dd

so, Jvalamukhi asks “Why have you remained silent?” This is what I call “silence that kills“. This is how Bhisma died, by staying silent and not protecting Draupadi in distress. This is how Duryodhana died and all his 100 brothers. It is so amazing that in Krishna consciousness you can destroy yourself by staying silent.

All these people who remained silent are walking corpses. Because, once your sense for justice dies, your Krishna consciousness dies with it.
Aug 15, 2017, 10:14 AM
to dinabandhudas66, mukhyadd, tamohara, drr.rns108, egreene108, kesavavbd, mantrinidasi, ranjit, amrita.mody, srivrndavanadd, me
When Jvala came to the dance performance it was without incident, so if she says she’s coming with family to allow her children to become enlivened and experienced I would think it’s ok. Perhaps she needs to know in the future to allow more time. ys. sukhada
Jvala Kopecka <>
Aug 15, 2017, 11:57 AM
to dinabandhudas66, mukhyadd, sandraelsey, amrita.mody, drr.rns108, egreene108, kesavavbd, mantrinidasi, ranjit, srivrndavanadd, tamohara
Thank you for your support. Much appreciated.
——- End of Email Exchange ——-


Now let’s study the behavior of pure Gestapo devotee and genuine devotee.

Genuine guru thinks: “This person is criticizing me although I am giving my best to serve my spiritual master. I will read the complaint of this person, and if I find his arguments childish, I will ignore him. If I see that their arguments are valid, I will change my behavior. Or if I think I am right, I will simply have to live with this criticism. If somebody thinks that I am doing something wrong, he can accept another disciple of Srila Prabhupada to be his guru. It’s not a big deal. I am not the center of the universe.”.

Gestapo guru thinks: “I am the freaking guru. I am not only the guru, but I am also ISKCON’s approved “guru-form” guru. I am perfect and nobody should criticize me. Whoever criticizes me is a daemon, and needs to be kicked out of the movement. I mean everybody, including women and children. Everybody who doesn’t agree with me 100% is an envious faultfinder. I can’t stand to see the face of a fallen offender who doesn’t agree with my jet-set lifestyle and my sannyasi luxury apartments”.

As the Gestapo gurus spread their Gestapo philosophy, you get Gestapo GBCs, Gestapo temple presidents, Gestapo Brahmanas, and retardus vulgaris (latin name of ordinary followers). And when you further expand this ideology, you get butt-lover gurus, killer gurus, pedophile gurus, LSD gurus, Sannyasis with female secretaries, sannyasis with luxury apartments, and they all thrive because nobody is allowed to criticize them.

As genuine gurus spread their philosophy, you get discussions with arguments, freedom of speech, nobody gets banned except pedophiles, personal accountability, justice based on evidence, debates based on reason, financial accountability, real knowledge, lack of hypocrisy, etc. Also, in an open and honest society, fake gurus are criticized and have a much harder time cheating people.

Now, look around yourself, and think about it, do you live in a Gestapo society, or society of genuine devotees?