Mayapuris and the tale of half-naked fire girls

Mayapuris and the tale of half-naked fire girls

ISKCON is the greatest organization in the world. Don’t have any doubts.

As ISKCON’s new generation of saints rises up to take the power, we are getting deeper and deeper insights into the Krishna consciousness.

Just a few days, ago, the GKD pandit said that people think Krishna consciousness is boring. And then he proceeded to comment on the football match.

But, we have to save all the people. For example, I am bored with football? How will I be saved?

I want to see half-naked fire-girls. That would be ideal Krishna consciousness for me.

So, as it turns out, I will be saved by MayapurIs, ISKCON’s new generation of saints. Let me introduced you to them, based on their own website:

Bali – aka Kali

Living for many years in the sacred land of Mayapur, West Bengal? And learning the traditions of ancient India? Wait a minute, he must have learned all these traditions from the Bhakti-Vidyapurna Swami, the Holy child beater. I guess he missed the class where it was explained that half-naked girls dance is not ok.

Kishor – aka the pimp

Kishor is completely dedicated to sharing the culture of bhakti? I am glad to find out after so many years that Bhakti includes half naked girls. I already like it.

I mean I can dig it man, being married to one man, raising kids, wiping the butt of the baby all day long is kinda boring. But, when you dance half-naked, you can see the glare in the eyes of all the men who are watching you. You can truly make everybody who sees you go ecstatic. This is such a big sacrifice for the world.

Vish – aka Wishful thinking

Vish is my favorite. First of all, he is beautiful. I am a man, but I consider him beautiful, don’t judge me, ok? I will be triggered.

And just look at his biography:

This very much true. “Rasa” is definitely invoked in the below video.

The video itself

WARNING: The following groups of people should not press the play button:

  • Brahmacaris who play football
  • Married people whose wife is present
  • People who don’t understand ancient Vedic traditions
  • ISKCON Sannyasis with young unmarried female secretaries
  • ISKCON temple presidents who divorced three or more times
  • GBC members don’t want to see any faults

Worthwhile disciples of the half-naked sampradaya

If we speak about Mayapurs, it would not be fair not to mention other important representatives of bhakti science of half-nakedness:

And it all culminates in the Unlimited sex theory