Mayapur mafia defines whistleblowing pricing

Mayapur mafia defines whistleblowing pricing

In the ISKCON Gestapo society, you can’t speak the truth. Otherwise, you will be kicked out.

That is especially true if you are not willing to silently bow down in front of murder accomplices.

But, so far it was free of charge. You could speak whatever you want, and when you get kicked out, you can continue to speak what you want, but outside of ISKCON.

But now Mayapur mafia started charging for speaking the truth. If you want to say the truth, you will have to pay for it. How much? 50 000 Euros. As a background, you can read our original article:

How to lose your retirement money in Mayapur – the city of justice

Up to this moment, poor Mataji who was robbed by criminals didn’t receive a single email of support by “pure devotees”. Even if all the managers and “pure devotees” are spineless jellies, they could at least give her a word of encouragement, but she didn’t even receive a single word of encouragement from all of the ISKCON pure devotees. I wonder why.

But, Mayapur mafia did start to threaten her not to “badmouth” them. So, if you are in ISKCON, you should never speak bad about criminals, ok? Radhanath baba murder accomplice is very pure, and gangsters who steal your money by selling you unexisting apartments are also very pure. And we should not spread any negative emotions about them.

OK, so, today, we are bringing to new screenshots from WhatApp messenger, where Srimati dd is discussing with Sanjay “money joy” Roy, one of the project managers:

So, back on August 30th, 2019, Sanjay “money joy” Roy says that he needs a couple more days to make an “estimated repayment plan”. But mataji says, “You are just making fun of me”.

Now Sep 22nd, that is 23 days later, a repayment plan is still not completed. Well, 7 months ago, they promised to repay all the money in 6 months. So, they were not able to replay even 50% of the money, they were not even able to replay 25% of the money in the last 7 months. They repaid less than 10% of the money in the last 7 months.

And now it takes them 23 days to make a repayment plan, and it is still not completed.

And finally, after all this, the Mafia guy dares to say: if you go on badmouthing then I will be forced to stop your payment.

What freaking payment? Then didn’t even come up with repayment plan yet, and that is after their first repayment plan brought nothing.

And what badmouthing did mataji do? She shared emails in which project managers give her empty promises.

Let’s turn our brain on

In any project, if you don’t deliver the goods on time, and you don’t return the money, you can expect some flak in the newspapers. That is perfectly normal. However, this Gestapo mafia guy, Sanjay “money joy” Roy, instead of starting payments, he is starting threats. As if Mataji Srimati is the culprit here. The criminal always wants to convert his victim into a responsible party.

And while all this is happening, Gestapo ISKCON gurus are not able to offer any assistance or at least word of support. And Murder accomplice Radhanath baba’s disciples are even advertising gangsters on their website.

Are you sure this is a society where you want to raise your kids in?

How about this idea: Jayapataka Swami gives mataji 1000 Euro to show her that he supports her in her struggle and that he understands that she was really cheated. That would be a powerful message that would inspire others to help her. I mean Jayapataka Swami’s disciple Santa Gaurahari das cheated her after all.

How about Radhanath baba assumes responsibility for cursed tower advertising and gives mataji 1000 Euros, and tells his disciples to remove cursed towers advertising from ISKCON desire tree website. That would be a powerful gesture.

That would maybe happen if those two were really pure devotees. Radhanath supposedly received over 1 million US dollars from only one of his rich disciples during his Vyasa-puja. Why his finances are not public? It’s because he is so pure.