It’s many years old. I don’t do that anymore.

It’s many years old. I don’t do that anymore.

Two months ago I published article Achieving the Neo power-sannyas level, which includes a letter from Indradyumna Swami explaining his behaviour. He also talks about “stage diving”, Indradyumna Swami writes:

There is a video of me ‘stage diving’. It’s many years old. I don’t do that anymore.

You can read the full letter here.

Now, didn’t I warn pure devotees many times that lying is not good. Yes, I did. If you lie to me, things only get worse. If you lie to me, I get angry, when I get angry, I start digging, when I start digging, I find things that I am not supposed to find. When I find things I am not supposed to find, I start writing extremely funny red messages on photos that I was not supposed to find.

So, now we will do a study of stage diving from “many years ago”.

This photo is from Sacred Sound Kirtan Retreat, if you think I photoshopped it, you can see the original here

Every ISKCON sannyasi must pass “Young girl’s breath test” once every year to keep his sannyasi licence.

There is a full movie about stage diving from many years ago (many years ago means April 2017):

Now you can believe in facebook, or in the words of a pure devotee, If you still believe in facebook, you can find the full gallery here:

(Warning to ISKCON sannyasis and gurus: Never lie to me again, ok?)

This was all fault of Prahladananda Swami, he introduced lying diksa guru idea and ruined everything: