Lying for Krishna?

Lying for Krishna?

I was always wondering how it is possible that I was banned from coming to a local temple just because I don’t believe Ramesh baba is divine and because I couldn’t accept sannyasis with female secretaries. Well, little did I know, that this is standard practice in ISKCON, nonsense is always protected, especially if nonsense is done by “pure devotees”, and those who point out things which are very wrong are called “offenders”. Actually, I am lucky that I wasn’t killed.

I am currently reading new book that just recently came out, called “Killing for Krishna”, which is available on Amazon. By reading this book, all pieces of the puzzle are coming together and it is becoming more clear why I was kicked from ISKCON. I was not the first one who had to pay the price of not willing to be “humble”. Humble of course, in ISKCON context, means to be stupid, and to remain quiet. Here are some examples of how other offenders were dealt with.

Few months before the murder

This is statement was published by GBC body just a few months before Sulocana was killed, they pretty much called him offender and claimed that all problems of New Vrindavan community are his imagination:

We find abhorrent the blasphemous and insinuating language, as well as the prematurely broadcasted and unsubstantiated allegations against Kirtanananda Maharaja, Srila Bhaktipada, by Sriman Sulochan dasa Adhikari. Although not included in his formal complaint to the GBC/PC, the allegations made by Sulochan dasa in letters and papers distributed widely in ISKCON, have merely served to demean, slander and blaspheme the character of Srila Bhaktipada in a manner unprecedented in ISKCON. Such unsubstantiated allegations, especially when accompanied with blasphemy, are clearly vaisnava-aparadha [offenses] to the highest degree…. Thus any complaint, legitimate or not, becomes distasteful and disgusting to one’s brahminical sense when overshadowed by blasphemy and invective. Sulochan dasa should, therefore, seek forgiveness from Srila Bhaktipada for his offenses. (GBC Privilege committee Report, cited by Steven Bryant (Sulocan), “GBC Findings”, 4-5)

Since Suilocana didn’t apologize to Kirtanananda, he was killed by that same “pure devotee” Kirtanananda Swami. GBC obviously sided with a criminal here, and therefore they are as guilty as Kirtananda’s gangsters who actually executed the murder.

Everybody is lying

Another “pure devotee”, Radhanath baba, said that all devotees who claimed something is wrong in New Vrindavan are lying. So, everybody is lying, only Radhanath baba is correct. Here is another quote (emphasis mine):

It seems that Radhanath Swami didn’t really realize how serious the problem was with your wife. But after I talked with him and explained that you were getting the testimonies of many former devotees from New Vrindaban and other ISKCON areas, and that this was going to be exposed soon unless some action was taken, he began to realize the significance of the situation…. [I spoke with Radhanath Swami for] four or five hours that first session, but I don’t think the impact of it really hit him until he got back to New Vrindaban. We had gone over a lot of the points you were making about New Vrindaban. That there were a lot of off things going on there. His reply was that they were all lies. That everybody was lying. All the disgruntled masses were just liars. I said that’s not so, that there were some very bona fide complaints. I said that if he was prepared to defend himself from all those statements to the media then he had nothing to worry about, but on the other hand if there was some genuineness to any of these complaints and problems, then they were definitely going to be in trouble. So he phoned me (two days after he left) [on Friday, October 25th] and he said, “Yes, I’ve thought about it, and I think this media thing will be a lot of trouble for us. I want to try and negotiate something now to resolve this so it doesn’t become a mass media issue.” He said that I should find out what your minimum demands were…. (Henry Doktorski’s new book, Killing for Krishna)

So, Radhanath baba claim that everybody is lying, and everything is great in New Vrindavan.

After murder happened, another “pure devotee”, Devamrta Swami, wrote an article in New Vrindavan’s paper, telling everybody not to speak with the police, because police are daemons, and envious fault finders:

 Scarcely a week after Sulochan’s murder, one high-ranking ISKCON sannyasi who had come to live at the community a few months earlier, Devamrita Swami, wrote a feature article for the New Vrindaban News titled “A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient” which warned devotees to keep their mouths shut if questioned by the media or police. If anyone knew of any criminal activities, he said, they should report it not to the police nor to the media, but to the temple authorities, who would, it was implied, take whatever action they deemed appropriate. Devamrita Swami preached: Life in the material world is constantly full of upheavals, and a fruitive worker never ceases his efforts to squeeze out some sense gratification, regardless of whether the situation is one of so-called happiness or so-called distress. Right now the media and some law enforcement officials are amusing themselves by harassing the New Vrindaban Community about the death of one great vaisnava-aparadhi (offender) on the west coast. The media and some police are clearly more interested in creating a sensationalistic atmosphere and profiting from it than in reporting truth or stopping violence. Therefore, if our devotees engage in wild rumors and gossip about the mundane affairs of L. A. street crime, they can actually help the karmis toward their sublime goal of an endless stream of “juicy” news to report and “suspicious” hearsay to interrogate innocent devotees about. (book Killing for Krishna)


Present day

As I am reading through the book, it comes much clearer why Prahladananda lied to me, here is his letter from last year:

Sacinandana Maharaja has not had Bhanu Nandini dasi as a secretary for more
than 2 years. Since then she has only had his association in the company of
many other devotees. After investigating I have found your allegations to be false. Therefore, I
believe you have committed Vaisnava aparadha and it is in your best interest
to apologize publicly.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada, Prahladananda Swami (Prahladananda’s email to me)

Only problem that after these letter, couple of new videos and photos appeared on the internet, which prove that Sacinandana baba is still travelling with his female secretary, they were caught in New York, London, Vrindavan and many other places.


I am still not done reading the book, after I am done, I will make a video review of the book, and that will probably be the last article regarding ISKCON and it’s problems for quite some time. It seems that people who are in the top management of ISKCON today, were murder accomplices in the past. So, my website and my articles about sannyasis with female secretaries look really stupid compared to that. As long as murder accomplice Radhanath baba is member of GBC body and guru in ISKCON, I don’t want to have anything with this society of crazy people. They make Prabhupada looks like some kind of gangster, and that is society which I definitely don’t want to be a part of.