Lost donations in the lost village

Lost donations in the lost village

Did you ever consider becoming a brahminical parasite?

UPDATE: May 1st, 2020, a devotee from ISKCON Aravade send me a rebuttal, you can read it here: Heavenly gardens of the Lost village

Becoming a parasite is easy. You just need to join ISKCON and become a “brahmana”. In this way, you can live off other people’s honest work.

Parasitical ISKCON society has become completely exposed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Today, we are bringing you an example of ISKCON’s parasite gurus their parasite disciples.

This morning, I was contacted by a devotee from India, he showed me a “donation request” Facebook post which caused my brain to malfunction and enter into a reset cycle:


Now, I’ve seen a lot of nonsense done by ISKCON Gestapo money scamming organization, but this is one of the most hilarious ones.

These guys need money because they are in a “rural area”? Really? Seriously? How about growing some vegetables and rice in the “rural area”? Or maybe organizing a farm? You know old grandpa Srila Prabhupada? He was talking about farms and all? Especially being in a rural area, I am sure all the temple brahmins read Srila Prabhupada’s letters carefully:

Yes, this supplying of milk to the temple is wanted. Thank you. In the way that Atlanta is doing, every center must have a farm so we can get all milk and if possible vegetable, even fruit, flowers and milk. (Email to Rupanuga, Feb, 21st 1976)

But wait, that’s not all. You might think that the temple in a rural area asking for donations is hilarious enough, but it is actually much worse. Actually, during this whole COVID-19 crisis, I don’t recall a single person or organization in the rural area asking for help. If somebody has food, those are the people who live in rural areas. Actually, people in the cities need help, because they don’t have a place to grow food and hold a cow. But, the usual logic doesn’t apply to ISKCON parasites, they need donations even if they live in rural areas.

Next, ISKCON parasites claim that they need money because “30 cows are in lockdown“. Really? Cows are in lockdown? They can’t go out and eat grass due to the Coronavirus? This actually reveals that ISKCON cow “maintenance” operations are actually money scamming operations. Cows are not used to produce milk and manure for agriculture. Cows in ISKCON are like hostages who are used to extort money from retarded donors. They are portrayed as useless animals who present a burden to their owners. Ever greedy for more donations, ISKCON members present cows as something which you can’t really maintain unless you suck donations from the general public. 


ISKCON Arawade? Does that ring a bell? Arawade is actually a location where Lokanath Swami filmed a documentary called “The Lost Village”. If we look at his biography, we read:

Known for his inspiring kirtans, Lokanath Swami has attended hundreds of ISKCON festivals worldwide. Several of his CDs and DVDs are available, including the documentary film Lost Village, which promotes the natural, rural way of life.

In this documentary, Lokanath is trying to promote, a natural, rural way of life. However, ISKCON Awarade is not following his instructions.

Spies who know the area report that members ISKCON Awarade are not able to produce one grain of rice, although the ISKCON temple owns 14 acres of land. They make money using a huge multifunction hall which they rent for weddings and parties.

The spy report continues: Bramhacharis are seriously lazy animals, and they are under the illusion that because they have saffron or 2nd initiation, they are brahmins and brahmins are not supposed to work.

And I agree, but I would like to add that a brahmana from Caitanya Caritamrta was drinking only milk. So, ISKCON Arawade brahmacaries can only drink milk from the 30 cows they own and they actually don’t need any money.

Now, the pinnacle of hypocrisy, watch the movie recorded in Arawade:



So, Lokanath Swami got an ISKCON temple in his birthplace of Arawade, another Gestapo temple full of lazy parasitical Brahmanas. His movie didn’t even change members of his own society in the very place where it was recorded, what to speak of changing anybody else. ISKCON Gestapo puppy gurus don’t understand that the best way to teach is to teach by example. But instead of establishing farms and production of food, they established a Gestapo society where first priority is persecuting people who speak the truth. They need to persecute people who speak the truth because truth messes up their only source of income, which is donations from retarded members of the cult. Well, if they were not so lazy, if they opened farms around the world, if they had their own grains, vegetables and flowers, maybe they wouldn’t need so many donations and maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t need to persecute people who speak the truth.

But there is another problem. Living on farms for an extended period of time and teach disciples how to live off the land is not the real interest of ISKCON gurus. That will actually mess up their luxury jet Swami lifestyle. If we look deeply, only Bhakti Vikasa Swami and Bhakti Raghava Swami are able to push into this direction. Everybody else is doing absolutely nothing or just recording retarded documentaries.

Thus, all ISKCON rural temples full of lazy parasites got exactly what they deserved during the COVID-19, the payback time for all the hypocrisy and laziness.

Am I surprised by all of this? Not really, it is perfectly clear to me that a sannyasi can’t convince anybody to accept rural life is if he had a female secretary.