Never sing karmi songs for your guru

Never sing karmi songs for your guru

These look like they are from my worst nightmare. Except that they are real. And they are happening in ISKCON. This is what Krishna consciousness has turned into? This is why Srila Prabhupada came to west?

So, ok, let’s get back to the basics.


Dear devotees of ISKCON Lima,

Krishna consciousness is meant primarily for Krishna’s enjoyment, not for our own enjoyment. We are secondary enjoyers, we enjoy by seeing Krishna happy.

Vyasa puja includes singing Hare Krishna, glorifying spiritual master by reading offerings, offering him variously preparations, NOTHING ELSE.

Please don’t think you can imagine your own process.

What you have done is not pleasing to Srila Prabhupada and it’s not pleasing to Krishna.

Turning Krishna consciousness process into circus will not help you to advance.

Video info

Occasion: Vyasa puja of Jayapataka Maharaja, date: Friday 7th April 2017, location: ISKCON Temple Lima, Peru

Additional info sent by very unhappy devotee: I have information that that band are members of Vrinda (of Alanath das aka paramadvaiti s), they are playing karmi songs. This is worst than Krishna West in my opinion, you can see “devotees” old and young in that “party”, in the second video, dancing very happy, fools.

Karmi songs

In case you are which karmi songs are they singing, here are the links, there is nothing transcendental about it:

  • song 1: Mil horas/ Los abuelos de la nada

  • song 2: tu sabes que el amor existe/ Gondwana


Please stop organizing karmi vyasa pujas, your speculations give me creeps.


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  • Original video 2 link: