Leaders must be tested crucially

Leaders must be tested crucially

Today, we are starting a new topic. I am planning to withdraw myself gradually from writing investigative journalism articles, and write more on various philosophical issues.

I hope that gradually, a few intelligent men will come forward and start writing investigative journalism articles. I have written almost 400 articles in the last few years exposing various deviants in Srila Prabhupada’s movement. But, we need a movement, not a one-man show. So, I will dedicate myself more to defeating deviated theology which is present everywhere in ISKCON. That ideology is that “criticism” is not welcome. And that criticism equals offense. Such Gestapo setup of the movement prevents it from curing itself through discussing and philosophical debates. It also fosters only retarded people to join, people who are not able to think critically.

This morning, on Srimad Bhagavatam lecture, we discussed verse 1.17.41:


The progressive religionists and those who are responsible human beings or those who do not want to spoil their valuable human lives should refrain from all the principles of irreligiosity, especially illicit connection with women. If a brāhmaṇa is not truthful, all his claims as a brāhmaṇa at once become null and void. If a sannyāsī is illicitly connected with women, all his claims as a sannyāsī at once become false. Similarly, if the king and the public leader are unnecessarily proud or habituated to drinking and smoking, certainly they become disqualified to discharge public welfare activities. Truthfulness is the basic principle for all religions. The four leaders of the human society, namely the sannyāsīs, the brāhmaṇa, the king and the public leader, must be tested crucially by their character and qualification. Before one can be accepted as a spiritual or material master of society, he must be tested by the above-mentioned criteria of character. Such public leaders may be less qualified in academic qualifications, but it is necessary primarily that they be free from the contamination of the four disqualifications, namely gambling, drinking, prostitution and animal slaughter. (SB 1.17.41p)

Can somebody tell me where are Crucial tests for Sacinandana “Swami” and his girlfriend?

If we compare this verse with the current ISKCON situation, we can see that ISKCON has become a society of cheaters and cheated where truth is not appreciated. If you try to publicly expose some nonsense which is happening in Srila Prabhupada’s movement, nobody will start discussing with you if you said the truth. Everybody will start discussing why are you so offensive. In other words, telling the truth is offensive in the society dedicated to Absolute Truth.

# The Solution

Solution to the current sahajiya mess is that leaders of this movement should be afraid of doing nonsense because their nonsense will be exposed. On the contrary, instead of following Srila Prabhupada and correcting the problems, current leaders pretend that problems don’t exist, and those who are pointing to the problem are called offenders. Current ISKCON situation is similar to a diseased person who thinks that he is healthy and that taking medicine is offensive. Such living is very dangerous.