Krishna disco burger movement

Krishna disco burger movement

Once upon a time, great “acarya” appeared, he promised us that he will “save” ISKCON’s western mission and bring us millions of new followers, and the project Krishna West was born. He pleaded to the GBC body to allow him to test his new project and everybody will witness how powerful it is. We just need to replace dhotis with Jeans, and we need to replace sweet rice with muffins. If you are rich, you can also replace harmonium with piano, and for poorer folks, synthesizer will do. If we do that, millions will join our movement.

Well, there is slight problem with that theory, people will not accept this movement, even if we dress as Santa Claus, or bear costume, because dress is not the problem, problem is the illicit sex, that’s the real problem. People like illicit sex, and raising above cat and dog level is not easy. But Krishna West movement will solve that problem also by removing the 4th regulative principle using Brazilian unlimited sex theory.

And ping pong acarya is canvassing all over the western world for his new speculative movement, what they will not tell you, is that Krishna West concoction has been tested already for the last 20 years in Brazil, and the results are devastating. So, if you want to be cheated and get something cheap, go straight to Brazil and accept ping pong acarya as your guru. But be aware, if you want to be able to live as ping pong acarya follower and believe that whole GBC body who is supporting him as guru is bonafide, you will definitely have to lower your IQ.

The night of the vegan hamburger

Today, we will be showing video from program called “The night of vegan hamburger”. This event happened in ISKCON Sao Paolo, 4 days ago, on Apr29th 2017. Well, guys, if there was no cheeze in the burgers, I am glad that I skipped this program.

And I think better title would be: “Night of cat and dog disco dance”.

Here is the poster advertising the event:

And here is the video itself, this is another video from my worst nightmares:

Flow of investigation

Responsible party

Temple president of ISKCON Sao Paolo is ex Paramgati Swami, gay sannyasi who had gay relationships and therefore he was removed from position of guru and sannyasi. But it seems that he still didn’t learn what is Krishna consciousness.

Brasil is under the direct supervision of GBC Executive committee consisting of:

  • Bhakti Caru Swami
  • Madhusevita das
  • Bhaktivaibhava Swami

All those people are responsible for this tamasic disco dance offense to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Considering the Brazilian Unlimited sex theory deviation which was not dealt with and this tamasic disco dance deviation, which is a betrayal of Srila Prabhupada, I will mark all three members of this committee as not desirable to take initiation from, since they are also gurus and obviously don’t have a clue how to lead people back to Godhead. They are as incompetent to lead this movement as a grandma who is crocheting:


As long as this movement doesn’t remove Hridayananda das Goswami from guru and sannyass position, as long as Radhanath baba is free to promote Ramesh without sanctions, we will never look as a serious movement, rather, we will look as a bunch of sahajiyas.


  • More about Paramgati and whole Brasil mood: