GBC body launches Krishna Wex movement

GBC body launches Krishna Wex movement

Remember the outrage when first Hridayananda das Goswami became member of the GBC body and GBC for Brazil, as concluded in the mid-term GBC meeting?

Well, it seems things started improving since he took reins of Brazil after being empowered by the GBC body in October last year. Here, we see that he is setting up preaching in a proper way according to standard of chastity and shyness and prescribed by Prabhupada. In this article, we analyze newest facebook post by his disciple Giridhari das, who manages ISKCON center called “Pandava paradise”:

Look at the shower installation, this is the proof that varna asrama is finally being established in Brazil. Wait a minute, that facebook post is actually shared instagram post:


Oh, great, Isabela Tortato visited Pandava paradise. Now, this will definitely attract many brahmacaries to also join Pandavas paradise. And also many householders who are determined to stay married with one wife and rise above the cat and dog level.

Do think that any sane religious institution would advertise their philosophy like this? GBC body craziness has reached whole new level when they appointed Hridayananda as the GBC for Brazil.

GBC body is responsible

Here are GBC body members giving encouragement to Hridayananda to try Krishna Sex movement, this was in Ujjain in December of 2017, and I already wrote article about it.

No coincidence

This is not first time that CEO of ISKCON center Pandava’s paradise, Giridhari das, disciple of Hridayananda das Goswami, is doing nonsense. He is also famous for his unlimited sex theory, where he directly challenges Prabhupada and his teachings:

So, if GBC really wanted to fix Brazil, they had plenty of time, but they didn’t fix anything, on the contrary, they decided to try Krishna prostitute movement.

The conclusion

So, my message to the GBC body is: Please guys, if you want to run prostitution ring and advertise naked girls, that is ok by me, but don’t put Prabhupada above you, because he never wanted to be known as a leader for naked girls movement. Just remove Prabhupada and his books from the movement, and then you can have all the fun with girls, under shower, or in bed, wherever you want.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you want to spend a night with Isabela, do not contact her directly, this is very offensive. Rather, contact GBC body first, so that they can earn commission. They are the GBC after all, GBC is acronym for “sell  Girl’s Body and earn Commission”.


Don’t forget to forgive

Of course, on a higher level, Radhanath baba teaches us that we must forgive Hridayananda for turning ISKCON into naked girls movement, and we should be humble and forgive.

And you should also forgive GBC body for pushing the naked girls movement: