Kirtanananda’s face!!!

Kirtanananda’s face!!!

Don’t expect Hanuman or anybody else to save you. You voluntarily joined the retarded Gestapo society, and you can save yourself by leaving this society.


From: Hare Krishna <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2019 16:08:27 +0200
Subject: Kirtananda’s face!!!!
To: “” <>

Hare Krishna prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Have you noticed that Kirtananda was in the new movie about Srila Prabhupada that was released last year? The one that was in cinemas by Yadhubar and Visakha – Hare Krishna! The mantra, The Movement and the Man Who Started It All

Why does everyone need to see his face in this movie? Hasn’t he disgraced Srila Prabhupada enough? Many leaders were praising this new movie, but didn’t they all question why a young and toothless Kirtananda is in it?! Why would he be in any new production, especially one that is meant for the glorification of Srila Prabhupada?

I am a neophyte devotee and shouldn’t be getting involved in these topics. Of course I need to learn about them but I am too amateur to be bringing topics up. I hope I will not feel the karma from it, but my blood is boiling from watching the GBC and senior devotees ignoring the past demons of ISKCON, and I thought you might investigate why they let footage of him be in the movie? Even from an outsiders perspective who doesn’t know who he is, he still looks and sounds crazy!

Apologies, I would like to stay anonymous, even though I’m already a nobody

My reply

I haven’t noticed because I didn’t watch the movie. Why didn’t I watch the movie? Because Visakha is a supporter of “young female diksa guru” philosophy where brahmacaris are supposed to sit in front of pretty young women and listen to their lectures. Those pretty young women are supposed to be “gurus”, so that we can have “equality”. In that USA version of equality, everybody is equal except people in the middle east, it’s ok to kill them. Therefore the USA killed 100 000 Iraqi civilians, including women and children. But, additionally, Americans need “female guru” to feel fully equal. I guess they don’t want dead Iraqi women to be gurus. And I guess they also don’t want alive Iraqi women whose husbands were killed by USA to be gurus. Only puffed up American women should be gurus. That will certainly make ISKCON very popular amongst American retards.

Those young women will use a lot of makeup and preach about how we are not this body.

Here is an example of such a lecture:

So, Visakha’s understanding of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings is very close to zero. Therefore there is no need for me to watch her movies. Here are some of Visakha’s ideas about Krishna consciousness:

Same goes for you, nobody is forcing you to watch Vikasha’s movie. You were watching it because you belong to retarded ISKCON society, which is lead by retarded leaders. But you consider retards as “pure devotees” and therefore you are writing me anonymously because you are afraid that your Gestapo leaders might take away your sweet rice and that your retarded friends will accuse you of associating with “offenders” and “fault finders”.

You consciously joined retarded Gestapo society, so don’t blame others, since it was your choice.

ys Hanuman das

It’s too late

Although ISKCON is trying hard to establish female diksa gurus, they are already too late, because they don’t know that having a guru is no longer considered cool. It’s much cooler to be your own guru, your own female diksa guru: