Sivarama Swami – the King of Hungary

Sivarama Swami – the King of Hungary

Serving pure devotees is very important. When I say serving pure devotee, I mean giving them money.

2010 – the humble beginning

When you “serve” pure devotees, then pure devotees can rent a luxury resort in Goa, for $10000, they can also pay for replacing the water in the pool so that Radha Damodara can enjoy “water pastimes” in Goa.

Only thing I am not sure though, is where Radha and Damodara expressed their desire to travel to the other side of the world and burn a lot of cash to do so? We don’t find such instruction in Srila Prabhupada’s books and lectures. And Srila Prabhupada never did anything similar. But hey, Sivarama Swami is pure devotee, can we doubt the activities of pure devotees? Surely not. This kind of thinking is very offensive.

Radha Shyamasundara nitya seva

When you live a luxury lifestyle, you need to find retards who will give you money. In this video, Sivarama Swami claims that every devotee has to sponsor $4000 to cover one day of Deity worship. 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry, I can’t contain myself, this is very funny. But hey, if you are a member of ISKCON, you have to believe it, these are the words of a “pure devotee”.

Ok $4000 per day, that’s $1 460 000 per year. Let me spell that again, one million and four hundred thousand US dollars are required to worship Radha Damodara. I am attracted, this is a very interesting proposal. The above video is recorded in October 2015. But even while recording this very video, he was not planning to spend money on Deity worship, he planned to spend the money to buy himself a luxury apartment. Because just two months before he realized that he needs 1.4 mil USD for Radha Damodara, he realized that he needs a luxury apartment in Rasamrta Kunj. The following video was published in July 2015:

My only question here is if they managed to really secure funding for Radha Damodara so they don’t starve. 🤣🤣🤣 Well, I don’t know, but I know that two years later, Sivarama Swami successfully purchased three luxury apartments for himself in Rasamarta Kunj.

Interesting to notice in this video:

at 1:01, he says that he needs a luxury apartment to chant Hare Krishna and he smiles as he is saying it. I agree this is hilarious. Actually, of all luxury sannyasis, Sivarama Swami is the coolest one, because he is smiling while he feeds nonsense to ISKCON retards who are supposed to finance it. His approach is out of this world.

at 1:35 – crucial mistake of being honest, although few seconds before, he said that “Hungarian yatra” bought apartments, now he says “This is what I WANTED”. And to be completely clear, “Hungarian yatra” is nobody else than Sivarama Swami, the king of Hungary himself. All other members of the Hungarian yatra are only puppets since we should be puppets in the hands of the spiritual master. After all, Sivara Swami is pure devotee, if he decides to buy a luxury apartment in Rasamrta Kunj, it is very offensive to disagree with a pure devotee.

at 1:56 – another very cool joke and Sivarama Swami smiles. He says when you visit Rasamrta Kunj, you can meditate how acaryas were living. Well, I don’t remember Rupa Goswami living in luxury apartment with AC, but who am I to doubt Sivarama Swami words. As long as he is smiling while telling that joke, we can understand each other. And for all the ISKCON retards, your version should be that Maharaja all of the sudden felt a rush of ecstasy and therefore he was smiling.

The best of the golden gang

If you all of the sudden felt a sudden urge of purity, and you wanted to surrender your hard-earned money for “something spiritual”, Sivarama “Swami” should definitely be your number one choice. The guy is great, he is smiling while he is cheating you. The guy obviously has a lot of style.

Look at that miserable lying guru Prahladadananda Swami as he uncomfortably wiggles in the chair at 0:11 while lying to the public about his luxury apartment. He has no style at all.

The only viable alternative to the King of Hungary is the King of Kirtan. The man has a lot of style, and if you are brainless, you can easily fall for it. The two kings are also best buddies and they always buy apartments together.


Inspiration for this article came from my discussion with Rasika Rai, who is Prabhupada’s man, full of life, intelligent and dedicated to Srila Prabhupada’s varna asrama mission. He is one rare honest man who left ISKCON after realizing that the core of this Gestapo organization is corrupt.

He wrote a comment on my Facebook post:

We are all better sannyas than these clowns, we can find the instructions and take it to heart. They supposed to the qualified ones teaching us what is the process, but they themselves can’t even find these lectures and practice what Prabhupada instructed. Same goes with devotees, they’ll believe Hatha yoga or going Vegan is Prabhupadas instruction even after being presented with so much proof on these matters. What a joke.

And my reply was:

ISKCON sannyasis are following up to a level that they can have seriously looking organization from the outside. But if you dig deeper, you will find girlfriends, luxury apartments and lack of fascination with Prabhupada.
And if you expose sannyasi girlfriends, leadership will not be thankful to you, rather, they will kick you out as an offender.
Since they lost their connection with Prabhupada teachings, you can listen to their boring lectures, in which they constantly repeat that we should chant Hare Krishna and not criticize. Being present on dry, corporate lectures delivered by corrupt sannyasis who signed gag order is to me personally extremely boring.
This organization lost its life and became a corporate entity whose sole interest is to survive and expand in the current corrupt form.
And like Christianity, they are successful in gathering a few retarded followers who are willing to blindly believe in the purity of their corporate masters.