Kadamba Kanana Swami introduces abusanam

Kadamba Kanana Swami introduces abusanam

Many Srila Prabhupada followers think that there are only 9 forms of devotional service.

However, the ocean of bhakti is unlimited, especially in ISKCON, new forms of devotional service are constantly appearing in waves.

For example, if you meet a convicted child abuser, the first thing you need to do is hug him, because child abusers are very dear to Krishna.

Then you need to walk with child abusers for some time, smile, and crack jokes, to show that child abusers are ok.

When pure devotee hugs child abuser and walks with them, it is very beneficial for the victim of that child abuser. Victims can learn how to forgive, and forgiveness is very important in Radhanath’s ISKCON.

The only thing which can not be forgiven is when somebody criticizes pure devotees who practice abusanam. If somebody maybe declines to offer his humble obeisances to a child abuser, that is very serious offense, God forbid that he writes an article about it, that is even worse.

Kali-yuga is advancing, just a few months back, pure devotees were at least hiding their association with child abusers:

“Pure devotees” like hanging out with child abusers (but not publicly)

But pure devotees are not hiding anymore, now they are associating with child abusers publicly, and uploading videos of themselves while they are doing it.

PRO TIP for pure devotees: A guaranteed way to end on my website is to record videos of yourself hugging child abusers, cracking jokes, and associating with them.

For full access to the Dhanurdara Swami CPO case file, click here.

Pure devotees ki jay!