ISKCON’s Herbalife parasites

ISKCON’s Herbalife parasites

While you are making money, it would be ideal if you could get free meals and a free place to stay.

That kinda reduces expenses and leaves you much more money. Practically, your expenses are zero, and everything you earn, you can keep for yourself.

But, somehow and somewhere, you have to find retards who will cover the expenses of your rent and your food. That’s easy, especially if your brother is a temple commander.

Introducing Herbalife parasite Tapas Panda

Note the Bollywood music. Also, note the background, he is actually practicing Bollywood fitness near the ISKCON Surat. That’s because he lives in the temple.

But there is more:

His Facebook profile is full of exercise videos.

Yo, yo, yo, whazzup? We might ask ourselves, why is he exercising near the temple every day? The answer is pretty simple: Because he lives in the temple. How can he live in the temple? Because his older brother is a temple commander:

This is his older brother, Saci suta dasa aka Saroj Panda. He is a smart guy, he obviously figured it out that you can run ISKCON as a family business. And there are plenty of retards who will give you money to support your family members.

So, the only question remains, what services Tapas Panda is performing during the day since he lives in the temple. For that, we need to peek into his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

He performs many types of services, but most confidential ones are caranam and suitanam. Caranam is a method of worshipping the Supreme Lord by owning cars, and suitanam is dressing in suits for the pleasure of the Lord. But caranam and suitanam can’t be executed properly unless you share photos of yourself:

But, if we look at his Instagram photo, we can see that he is a proud owner of a gym:

As an ISKCON full-time brahmacari, the most important thing to know is how to train fat girls. Once they become skinny, Indradyumna baba can take over and parade them throughout the city:

The divinity connection

Ok, first thing, everything organized by pure devotees is divine. You should not have any doubts about Herbalife and family connections in ISKCON Surat. So, my only question now is who is responsible for ISKCON temple Surat. So that we can understand the divine Herbalife lineage.

Zonal assignments for 2020 tell us that GBC for Gujarat is Gopal Krishna Goswami. That divine acarya introduced scootanam which is a very interesting way to go back home, back to Godhead.

That divine Gestapo officer is also very expert in kicking out of the movement everybody who criticizes him over the phone in a personal conversation. His Gestapo letters are also divine. On my website, you can read one of his beautiful Gestapo emails.

What God damn Herbalife

So, why am I mentioning Herbalife all the time? Where is the proof? Well, if you see the wall on the above video, you will see a Herbalife sign on the wall. Also, Tapas Panda sometimes shares a photo a wonderful nutritious Hare Krishna breakfast:


So, if you say one word against the divine ISKCON masters, you will be kicked out of the movement, but if you are running a Herbalife franchise and living in the temple as a full-time parasite, you will not be prosecuted. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

But, as a retarded ISKCON member, it is very important for your spiritual development to always worship divine Gestapo officers and you should also donate profusely to Herbalife ashramas. That will ultimately elevate you to heavenly planet Herbaloka where all the girls are skinny.

What actually impresses me the most, is that these guys are doing this very publicly. They are not afraid of anybody because they know everybody in ISKCON is corrupt.

Now, at the end of this article, we should not afraid to mention Bhanu Swami, who established the gymanam process of devotional service.

And also, don’t forget, female diksa gurus are the greatest evil.

Who will save ISKCON

The only person who can defeat Herbalife and evil ISKCON Gestapo acaryas are Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole. For his whole life, he fought Herbalife and the idea that you must be skinny to be spiritual.

After he reached the level of “fat prema”, he died of overeating, but his followers are continuing his legacy. His anti-Herbalife songs are here to stay to inspire the future generations of anti-Herbalife guerilla fighters.