Every organism has some system of defending itself against a disease. That system is called immune system.

Similarly, every society has some kind of immune system against those who are trying to damage the society. For criminals, we have police and justice system, which of course has many flaws, but it somewhat works in normal countries.

For the government officials, there is also immune system, which is called journalists, social media and so on. If some government official makes a mistake, journalists will create public pressure and that official might even be forced to step down. If he doesn’t step down, the the whole ruling party might get implicated. More recent example is australian deputy prime minister, who was forced to resign because he had an affair with his female secretary. I am sure many ISKCON sannyasis can learn a lot from his example.

That immune system is very good, because it keeps society in somewhat proper order. With more oppressive regimes, nobody is allowed to even criticise government officials, and therefore immune system is dead. As a result of that, you get crazy society with people who are either unhappy, or live in a complete illusion of what is going on. Examples of such countries are North Korea and China.

ISKCON is similar to those countries, because it doesn’t allow any criticism. Why not? Because everybody in top management is pure devotee. They are pure in the similar way, as Kim Jong Un is pure. They are pure as long as nobody is writing articles about what is actually going on.

Since ISKCON immune system is gone, we can expect more and more deviations done by “pure devotees” which will also remain unchallenged.

This small article was inspired by a cartoon sent to me this morning which you can see above.