ISKCON Zagreb introduces WhatsApp ban and powerless guru tattva

ISKCON Zagreb introduces WhatsApp ban and powerless guru tattva

Imagine that you become a small despot.

Imagine that you become a small king, an ISKCON temple king. Then, you can apply justice to your serfs. You can run some kind of small North Korea. You can never be real Kim Jong-un and execute your citizens with an aircraft canon. But, you can kick them out ruthlessly. You can be so ruthless, that you don’t even have to face people who will receive your punishment.

So, Devarsi Narada “Prabhu”, mahant of Gestapo temple of the divine female secretary, will show us how to ban people from the temple through Whatsapp:


Devarsi Narada: Please don’t come here for some time (board decision), and we will surely be in contact. You don’t have to write to me (every 3 hours) since he is in jail. Keep up and chant, read …Ys

Bhakta Arijan: Prabhu, please send the recommendation to Ljubljana to Ananta. So that I can go to serve Maharaja. Can you write a recommendation?

Devarsi Narada: We had a conversation and the board is against the idea to give you a recommendation. They even asked that you don’t come here for some time ..

Bhakta Arijan: Can I come when Maharaja comes?

Devarsi Narada: Unfortunately not.

Bhakta Arijan: You were telling me that we are like a family, but now when I need help, you are not there.

Devarsi Narada: Board decision is that you don’t come here for a longer period of time because of damaged trust. Read, chant, be patient … On this meeting, we really wanted to help you, but taking into consideration new circumstances and facts (which I had to reveal to the board) have brought us to the fact that at this moment, nobody is desired in the temple, neither you, neither Kemal, or his wife. They are all notified about this.

Bhakta Arijan: I respect your decision and please tell me when this suspension is removed. Hare Krishna.

Devarsi Narada: Thank you for understanding.

Background story

So, when you read this transcript, there are some pieces missing. The story goes like this. One year ago, Arijan had a girlfriend. The girlfriend told him that she was “married” to some Muslim guy but just because of the “papers”. Muslims indeed sometimes marry women from Europe to obtain a permit to stay in European union.

Now, after one year, it turns out that marriage was not “on paper” and this fact created a disturbance.

Plead to Prahladananda Swami

Bh Arijan sent an email to his prospective guru, Prahladananda Swami, on March 5th, 2020:

Prahladananda Swami never replied. Ruthless and spineless, as always.


So, to sum up, a new person in Krishna consciousness had sex with his girlfriend one year ago, but now it turns out that her “on paper” husband is disturbed, and everybody is banned from the temple. This what the surface story. But, of course, we need to go deeper.

We all agree that civilized human life with marriage and that person should not have sex with their “girlfriend” before marriage. That is the proper standard established by Srila Prabhupada. But we can also see practically that many people who are interested in Krishna consciousness are not following this standard. If we want to be fair, we should ban everybody who had sex with his girlfriend one year ago.

While I would agree with the temple board should sanction people who behave in a wrong way, I think we should not sanction new people who just joined Krishna consciousness. Most important thing is to sanction the leader because a leader should set the ideal standard of behavior. If the leader behaves perfectly, then everything will be alright even if some newbies misbehave. On the other hand, if a leader behaves improperly, the whole community will eventually be destroyed.

So, let’s take a peek into the personal life and behavior of ISKCON Zagreb leaders, shall we?

This is Devarsi Narada, ISKCON Zagreb temple president. The same guy who bans people for having sex with their girlfriend one year ago. He looks cute, except he likes to beat women. He beat his first wife so severely that she ended up in the hospital with broken ribs, and the court decided that this “pure devotee” needs to pay her over 5000 Euros in reparation. After divorcing his first wife with whom he already had a child, he remarried, had children again and divorced again. And now he is “temple president”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣  Because he doesn’t have any place to live I guess. But he is very chaste and shy, he is banning people in a very chaste and shy way. His guru, Lokanath Swami, introduced sannyasi-girlfriends in ISKCON. You can read about it here:

BREAKING NEWS – Secretary plays hide and seek with investigators

This bearded guy is the main preacher in ISKCON Zagreb, this photo shows him giving a lecture for Gaura Purnima a few days ago. He only has one slight problem. He likes changing girlfriends, excuse me, wives. He is currently in his third marriage, and last time he divorced was just because he found somebody “more pretty”. Although his current wife is “more pretty”, he still likes traveling and preaching with “other girls”. If you want to see read more about his girlfriend-preaching adventures, read this article.

Besides, Prabhupada always emphasized that the real preacher must have a beard. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That is the only thing which makes him bonafide.

Last but not the least, we should mention Prahladananda Swami, a sannyasi minister who covers up for Sacinandana Swami, a sannyasi who travels all around the world with his girlfriend. He is the is Gestapo body commissioner for Croatia. That same Prahladananda told me that I have to “apologize” to Sacinandana Swami and his girlfriend because I exposed him on my website. I mean, what is worse, some newbie having sex with his girlfriend who was married “on paper” with some Muslim guy or a sannyasi who travels with his girlfriend all around the world? Both things should be addressed, no? Of course not, members of ISKCON Zagreb follow philosophy of the divine sannyasi secretary. They think that the fact that their guru is traveling with young, unmarried woman is his “divine lila”. Oh yea, don’t mention Sacinandana Swami’s girlfriend in Zagreb, you will be kicked out.

I am not sure if I am too offensive, but killing people is not ok. If we are punishing minions for having sex with their girlfriends, maybe we should address Radhanath baba and his participation in the murder of Sulocana. Just saying. But ISKCON members are not allowed to discuss Sulocana murder because they are not pure enough to understand this very confidential lila of Radhanath Swami.


Small Gestapo despots completely lost vision of reality. They are very ruthless when they need to punish small people. But at the same time, corrupt leaders are 10 times worse than the subjects that they are kicking out. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

ISKCON evolved into a complete idiocracy. If I have to choose between ISKCON members and Sai baba followers, I am really not sure who is more retarded.

Wife beaters and serial divorcers are saints, while newbies are punished severely for their sins. What a crazy movement. When you rape and beat Srila Prabhupada’s philosophy, you get ISKCON. And what is the solution? We have to get rid of female diksa gurus. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

And so the story goes on, poor minions will be severely punished by their crooked Gestapo masters. Until they decide to wake up and incorporate a new society, a society with minimal honesty, a society with at least a minimal brain usage, society of justice and free speech. And of course, many of them will continue to believe in the ISKCON Gestapo charade, and their future is very dark, exactly as they deserved.

Now, that we have a full perspective on this ban, let’s see who will be banned next. I can’t wait to write another article.