ISKCON – the crazies magnet

ISKCON – the crazies magnet

Let start from the beginning, you should not stab your mother with a knife.

Why ISKCON attracts so many crazies?

7 news reports:

Two people airlifted out of Hare Krishna retreat after stabbing

A man and woman staying near a Hare Krishna retreat have been raced to hospital suffering from stab wounds.

At 9pm on Sunday, a triple zero call was lodged and an emergency helicopter descended upon a property in Tyalgum Rd at Eungella, near Murwillumbah, in northern NSW.

Paramedics airlifted a 24-year-old man, while a 46-year-old woman was taken by road to the Gold Coast University Hospital, just across the border in Queensland.

Police will allege the incident was a result of domestic violence.

The man is being guarded by police in the hospital.

Unconfirmed reports tell us that those people are mother and son.


My question why is this happening? Krishna consciousness makes you a normal human being, by practicing Krishna consciousness, we should become saner, not crazier.

Here is a twist. When a movement is run by ruthless and dishonest people, due to Maya’s arrangement, only the lazies and crazies are attracted to live in such a movement. Sane people who have some self-respect will never allow themselves to live in the movement riddled by Gestapo persecutions. Truly intelligent people in the mode of goodness will never agree to live in the movement where every complaint is ignored a “fault-finding” and where nothing is ever fixed. True devotees will never agree to live in a movement where people are routinely thrown on the street. Just yesterday, I saw the following comment by my friend on Facebook, Jaya Madhava das:

I was unexpectedly-”Kicked OUT of Iskcon in the UK in – 1987 -I was Invited there by Rocana das (acbsp) the Old TP,,The day I arrived to Soho ST.Temple He Resigned as TP— The NEW TP (my godbrother) Asked to his Office,,,, He closed the door and asked me-Jaya Madhava das-Just ”’Whos Man was I” ???..What kind of Question is THAT ? -I Thought–Well I was shocked……..FYI…….( I surrendered to HDG Prabhupada and moved into -Joined -Iskcon in July 1975 in Phia.Temple USA ) I wasnt ready for this kind of harassment ,Treatment – ( I Did Nothing Wrong ) ,,My Reply to the NEW TP -was Im Srila Prabhupads man ,Im his disciple,I work in India (I give 15 thousands $$$ for Vrindaban Gurukula to Repair the building.-( I collected in EU-Asia by Myself ) UK was my last stop before possibly returning to India. Well ,The New TP Didn’t Like my answer ( I dont know what answer he would have liked ?? ) His Reply to me was SORRY, Soho ST,Temple is so small-,WE HAVE NO ROOM FOR YOU HERE-You HAVE TO LEAVE !!! -WOW, I Thought-,Leave,,I mean ,to where ? Im a Bramacari,,,I just gave my last cash $$$ to Jagadish Swami (acbsp) (then head of Gurukula),,I had NO MONEY,,Im collecting for The Gurukula in Vrindaban Dham ,,And THIS IS HOW I GET TREATED AS A LOYAL_ BRAMACRCARI–LIVING IN ISKCON 12++ YEARS???? I GOT TOSSED IN THE STREET–HOMELESS- Yes,its exactly the facts of What Happended to me,,,I did NOT argue with the TP…..I just left living in Iskcon. WHY ???-.When I Realized IT was No Longer the Iskcon that I had met in 1971 and later that I Joined in 1975–the leaders were NOT Caring about Prabhupads Disciples or Others WHO DIDN’T FIT THEIR- AGENDAS. My case is only one of Many Thousands of other Prabupads Disciples and Others Devotees who were abandonded, mistreated and MARGANLIZED — Forgotten By ISKCONS LEADERS, ISKCON HAS LOST THOUSANADS OF GOOD DEVOTEES DUE TO IMPERSONALISM, EGOISM, selfishness, politics. And Offences to devotees. Abandoning Devottes. I don’t hold a grudge ( many others do, who can blame them ? ) Until The GBC and Leaders Follow HDG Srila Prabhupads Exact Instructions on ALL K C – Kick Out, Mission Drifts, Address Prabhupads book Changes, BBT-Book Issues, make Amends to Thousands of devotees they hurt and Kicked Out of Iskcon-DO MORE – MORE than Make some weak Apology and Follow that up with Action..A Dark Cloud Hangs Over ISKCON to this day.

A movement full of ruthless tyrants will never attract honest people unless they are completely stupid. But how long can you be a stupid and honest member of ISKCON? Not for long, after a few years, either you become crazy or you become corrupt.

In a normal movement of honest people, by practicing Krishna consciousness you become more intelligent, you become situated in the mode of goodness, your discrimination approves, you have differential between Krishna consciousness. But in ISKCON, none of that happens, instead, you stab your own mother with a knife. Instead, you get divorced, your guru steals your wife (aka Rohini Suta), as a child, you live with a single mother because the father left, if you survive your pedophile teacher in the guru kula. And all the while, your compromised ISKCON guru is smiling and telling you that everything is alright.

Well, if Ramai Swami can’t resolve the mistreatment of cows, how will he resolve the mistreatment of humans. On the farm where homosexual priests run away with their boyfriends, where will you find a good example to follow? Blind retards can never produce sane followers, rather, they are more likely to produce mother-stabbing maniacs.

When Srila Prabhupada preaches that children need to be protected by growing up in a stable family, homosexuals and feminists consider him to be “old fashioned”. But when children who have grown up without a real family turn into maniacs, then nobody wants to accept responsibility.