ISKCON – Society of cheaters and cheated

ISKCON – Society of cheaters and cheated

While almost everybody is either too dumb to understand that ISKCON is no longer Prabhupada’s society and some of the people simply don’t care, there are some rare individuals who started noticing “strange things” that nobody is willing to talk about. Today, we are reproducing post by Nataraja das. I agree with every word.

Of course, he could mention any names, because that would cause the Gestapo society to kick him out, but you can see the general tendency. The names of “sannyasis with personal women servant“, and “private houses” are all well known in ISKCON thanks to my website and youtube channel.


I have friends. Not really friends – but people, who I value very much.
They chant 64 for rounds per day for years, they do outdoor harinama’s in their own unique way – almost every day for years, and they distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books.
These activities are their life and soul.


But somehow it is happened, that these activities (in respective capacity) are not included in organisational interests.
Organisation, as it is now, seems is interested in public relations, in political correctness, in certain image in public eyes and whatever else.
So, basically, local authorities decide on a mundane level – to be or not to be.
And if you do not fit in their vision – then you are unauthorized – in other words – “or obey, or you leave (or you are banned – like this famous situation with book of HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami).”
Because “Obey” practically means – work under authorities – “my way or highway”.

Not a surprise, that with such “fundamental tendency” factual reality of nowadays is – “total lack of devotees in temples” versus “so much service to be done in temples” – that means, that those few devotees who work under authorities do not have time nor for 64 rounds, nor for daily harinama, nor for book distribution.
And even if they did have time – some days per month – then they must go to harinams in certain “authorized” way – for example – with decorated girls in front, when “chaste” brahmacaries follow after woman singers and etc… equality, you know – PR, PC, GBC, VG and whatever else what organisational interests dictate…

So – but if 8-10 devotees just travel like renunciates must travel – by feet – hundreds and thousands km, on the mercy of God and people who they met, and if these 8-10 men just decide to stay sometimes near temples (deities) and continue to live like renunciate, like monks must live – NOT UNDER LOCAL AUTHORITIES and their “organisational” interests – then there will be… resolutions, bans, letters written to GBC and “our territory” will be protected.

As a result, at the end – higher authorities – like sannyasis millionaires, sannyasis with private houses, with personal women servants and secretaries, sannyasis whose sannyasi garbs do not meet the dirt of the road and smudges, whose garbs are shiny, perfectly ironed, washed in machines by the same secretaries, servantess, disciplinis – yes, as a result, these sannyasis and GBCs will decide about boys, who have devoted their lives to the Holy name…

May be Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu would be never written in ISKCON of nowadays?
Because it would be not under authorities, not under European funds and programs, not under Krishna West, not…

vande rupa sanātana ragu yugau…
,,,kaupina kanthasritau…

kaupina you know… that’s too much
Some would say: “To be authorized, You must have pantalonesritau”…

But may be renunciation is already lost, yukta vairagya – you know?
Like in 12-15th century highest monks of Catholic Church – cardinals – were wearing gold and silver, having illicit relationships with chorus boys and city curtisanes and etc. – but at the same time – good men, like Cathars, even their own saints like Francis of Asizes were demonized and persecuted.

It’s sad to realise, that for what Catholic Church needed 300 years, we achieved in 50…