ISKCON introduces retarded leader tattva

ISKCON introduces retarded leader tattva

Didn’t I warn you not to follow sannyasis with female secretaries? Yes, I did.

Didn’t I warn you not to follow circus people like Gaur Gopal? Yes, I did.

But, I never explained what happens if you don’t take my warnings seriously. What will you turn into? That is the topic of this article.

Introducing Govind Krsna das

First of all, what I want to say that, although missing letter “a” at the end of if his name, Govind loves Prabhupada very much.

So, Govind is not actually name of Krishna. But please, don’t tell him, he might be disappointed. The actual name of Krishna is Gubind.

The gurus

Gubind Krishno das is a mixure of two very prominent preachers in ISKCON. His actual guru is Gaur Gopal das, who by accident is also missing an “a” at the end of his name. I know lovers conspiracy theories will go crazy now. If you don’t know Gaur Gopal, you are missing a lot. Gaur Gopal is the author of “Peaceful photo” philosophical masterpiece which we have already written about:

Peace wars

Gubind Krishno das also has diksa guru, Gopal Krishna Goswami, who is also missing an “a” at the end of his name. It’s not my job to criticise him but Rama is not same as Ram, and Gopal is not same as Gopala. Anyway, Gopal Krishna Goswami is one of the first sannyasis in ISKCON to taste Young unmarried female secretary rasa.

The contribution

So, when you have circus mayavadi as your siksa guru, and sannyasi with female secretary as your diksa guru, sky is the limit. An unlimited stream of nectar is churned by Gubind Krsna das.

First of all, before starting reading Srila Prabhupada’s books, you have to understand ice-cream tattva. And we would never be able to understand ice-cream tattva without merciful explanation by Gubind Krsna das:

Disciple means discipline

If you listened to the ice cream video carefully, you could understand that “Disciple means discipline”. That was the only part of the video I understood because of my envious nature, Krishna didn’t reveal much more. So, how the discipline looks like, you are probably wondering:

This is Gubind Krsno das leading the discipline disco dance. And of course, Radhanani is very pleased with this. If you don’t believe this, you are an offender and you will be kicked out of ISKCON.

The emotions

Don’t ever think that Radhey Radhey disco dance is not bonafide, Gubind Krsno is well connected with all his gurus, he learned Krishna consciousness from them. Actually, this is even more advanced version of Krishna consciousness called Radhey consciousness.

The above photo is a goodbye photo with Radhey Radhey guru Gaur Gopal

The above photo is a very confidential realization that Gubind Krishno had with his Radhey Radhey diksa guru who had female secretary. Guru called him on the phone and said “Gubind” and that sounded awesome.

The revelation

If you ever wondered how Krishna really looks like, Gubind can teach you:

I am sure Prabhupada would approve this photo. Luckily Jayadvaita resigned from BBT, otherwise, this photo could end up in Bhagavad-gita.

The scariest thing of all

This guy is actually ISKCON youth forum director as he introduces himself:


Now, I am officially scared.

If you are too stupid, it doesn’t matter

If you are too stupid, it doesn’t matter, you should still be director of ISKCON youth, here is the proof:


To conclude this article, I can say “Don’t worry too much if you are retarded”, or if your leader is retarded, just “Believe in yourself, and the world will believe in You.”