ISKCON introduces new social media tag for sannyasis #10YearChallenge

ISKCON introduces new social media tag for sannyasis #10YearChallenge

Did you hear about Ice bucket challenge? It took the world by storm. And ISKCON needs to take the world by storm also.

We need to make a challenge to invigorate leaders and raise ISKCON bliss levels to gigantic proportions. Therefore, today, we are introducing #10YearChallenge tag for all ISKCON leaders who travel around the world with their girlfriends.

Don’t be fooled and think that this challenge is easy? You will have to make the GBC body look like retarded boy scouts. You will have to convince people who give you money that you are still a sannyasi, and that your relationship with your girlfriend is “divine”. Actually, this will be an easy task since ISKCON members are taught from the very beginning to be retarded. As soon as you join ISKCON, you will have to accept the fact that sannyasis traveling with girlfriends “should not be criticized publicly” because “this is offensive” and this will prevent your sahajiya-bija-lata from growing. All ISKCON members must believe that exposing lover-boy sannyasis who travel with girlfriends is “mad elephant” aparadha and that your devotional life will be completely destroyed. 😀 😀 😀 😀

And purest of the pure, Radhanath baba and Indradyumna baba will regularly prop up sannyasis with girlfriends by dancing with them and pretending that everything is ok and allowing them to visit temples which they control.

In this was, ISKCON has become a society of cheaters and cheated. And of course, ISKCON is trying to reform outsiders, which are called “karmis”, by explaining to them that they should also chant Hare Krishna, join ISKCON and worship cheater gurus and the cheating GBC body. So, when you are trying to reform outsiders but at the same time, you are banning any reforms of the deviations which are happening inside, this is the very definition of hypocrisy.

So, although it is not easy, #10YearChallenge is possible. I know that there will be many ISKCON sannyasis who will take up the challenge, we wish them all the best, and the let sannyasi with most beautiful girlfriend win.