ISKCON introduces first non-member president

ISKCON introduces first non-member president

Did you know that you can be a president of ISKCON Croatia although you are not a member of ISKCON?

Like ISKCON Croatia president Divya Prabandha (Darko Kafka), he wrote the following Facebook post:

Since Divya Prabandha is president of ISKCON Croatia, this is called acintya-bheda abheda tattva. He is president of ISKCON in Croatia, but at the same time, he doesn’t consider himself a member of ISKCON.

This is called a non-member president. He likes to be president because being a president is fun. If you are president, then you are kinda important.

Of course, if we look deeper, the president before the current president was Isvara Puri baba. And Gestapo officer Isvara Puri baba is a disciple of Sacinandana baba.

Divya Prabandha baba served Isvava Puri baba faithfully because Isvara Puri baba promised him that he will give him the presidency one day.

So, to become a president, all Divya Prabandha had to do is stay silent and look another way while Isvara Puri baba and his crew were banning everybody who dared to say Sacinandana baba should not travel with his girlfriend Bhanu Nandini for the last 10 years. And he also had to be silent when Ramesh baba followers starting visiting Balkans countries for their “bhajan” tours.

And of course, when Divya Prabandha baba finally became president of ISKCON Croatia, he had to remain silent about Sacinandana baba and his girlfriend. And he also had to remain silent about all the banned people who dared to say the truth.

The last thing that the Gestapo president wants to do is to rock the Gestapo boat. And Divya Prabandha baba never rocked the boat and protested against Sacinanadana Swami and his girlfriend. That is so because the president has to have friendly relations with his citizens, and some citizens of ISKCON Croatia are Sacinandana baba disciples.

And of course, Divya Prabandha also has to be silent about his boss, Prahladananda baba, who is so renounced that he had to buy an apartment in Mayapur so that he could “perform service”. And that 60000 USD apartment is empty 11 months in a year.

So, although Divya Prabandha is more than happy to be a president of the ISKCON Gestapo regime who bans people who speak the truth, he is very much annoyed with female diksa gurus.

In other words, he wants ISKCON women to continue to occupy only lower salary jobs such as a sannyasi secretary. I don’t see anybody protesting about poor women who have to serve sannyasis and travel with them everywhere. Do you know how hard it is to be a secretary of an ISKCON sannyasi? Ask Bhanu Nandini if you don’t believe me. Additional problem is that Sacinandana Swami uttama-adhikari, so he doesn’t know how to use a computer. So, poor Bhanu Nandini has to sit with him alone in the room for many hours each day, and type emails. That woman deserves to be a guru.

But no, the cruel ISKCON Gestapo regime will not allow her to become guru until she is 55 years old. What is the benefit for a woman to become a guru when she is no longer pretty? Ugly witch guru? Who will be attracted by that? Sannyasis will squeeze all the juice out of their pretty female secretaries, and then, secretaries will have to wait until they are 55 to become gurus. Are you kidding me?

This big injustice has to be fixed pronto. So, we need a new resolution, and the new resolution should be like this: Any sannyasi secretary who served a sannyasi as a soulmate/girlfriend/secretary for more than 10 years should be immediately promoted to guru status. Hell yea. That is called justice.

So, don’t believe all fake propaganda that women can’t be diksa gurus. If young women can travel with sannyasis, they can certainly be gurus. And I don’t see any GBC resolutions which would prohibit sannyasis from having girlfriends/secretaries/soulmates. Correct me if I am wrong, but ISKCON sannyasis and GBC members love to have this encouraging female energy around them. Yea, but keep them on a secretary-level only. I mean, women are really stupid if they fall on this trick.

Gestapo body commission has a weird idea that sannyasis should be like: “Bhn. Mary, please clean my danda and wash my clothes, this is your natural position. Don’t try to become a guru, this is not Vedic.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣