ISKCON introduces female Nazi officers

ISKCON introduces female Nazi officers

It’s possible, you are serving Srila Prabhupada movement for 47 years, and all of a sudden you get kicked out.

You get kicked out without any judicial procedure which would allow you to defend yourself. You get kicked out not because you raped somebody, because you stole money, no, you get kicked out because you dared to express your opinion. If your opinion is not in line with the official, corporate, Gestapo narrative, you are finished. And what is the official Gestapo narrative? Basically, it goes like this:

“ISKCON is wonderful, everything is great in ISKCON, all pure devotees from the GBC are extremely pure and completely dedicated to Srila Prabhupada. 🤣🤣🤣 Pure devotee Radhanath baba is so pure although he is a murder accomplice. But, he killed an offender. Sannyasi who travels with a girlfriend for 10 years Sacinadanana Swami is nobody else by Ramananda Raya. Mushroom eating guru Bir Krishna is unbelievably pure, especially when he plays guitar. All those guru-form gurus who are on the guru-list are extremely pure, and although guru never falls down, 70 of them have fallen, including 10 out of 11 original zonal acaryas. But the remaining ones are pure, although they visit gym sometimes.”

Now, if you don’t believe this narrative, and especially if you write a book about it, you’re toast.

This is when Gestapo officers come into play. Because, if you are messing with the top guys, you are messing with ISKCON’s income stream, ok? So far, many people were kicked from ISKCON, but now, for the first time, we have women participating in ISKCON Gestapo activities.

Gestapo officers will send you an email like this:

ISKCON of Alachua County, Inc.
17306 NW 112th Blvd.
Alachua, Fl 32616
(386) 462-2017
The International Society for Krishna Consciousness
Founder-Acarya: His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

June 1, 2019

Dear Dhaneshvara prabhu,

Hare Krishna. We have noted your recently published book “Divine or Demoniac” proposing your personal theories and views on ISKCON. We find very problematic your skewed attempt to draw parallels between corruption of the Catholic Church and ISKCON, denigration of the GBC and ISKCON devotees. Specifically it is quite offensive when you propound a speculative theory that Prabhupada was poisoned by his disciples, that Prabhupada’s book were maliciously changed, the structure of ISKCON has been changed to that of a centralized corporate structure against the orders of Srila Prabhupada, the GBC has deliberately neglected Prabhupada’s instructions on Varnasrama, the GBC’s negligence in following Srila Prabhupada’s orders to make a constitution, and other speculations. This constitutes Vaishnava aparadha and devotees should not hear such things as it gravely effects one’s spiritual advancement.

Of course you have a right to your opinions, but your efforts to distribute this book here, and influence our temple and community to your offensive ideas cannot be tolerated. Our Board of Directors has decided you should not to come to our ISKCON temple, take advantage of our programs and projects or market your book to our community.

Therefore, please understand that effective immediately you will not be welcome or allowed to visit the temple in Alachua. We are a branch of ISKCON following His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada’s instructions and desires and we take the protection of those very seriously.

In service of Guru and Gauranga,

ISKCON of Alachua Board of Directors:
Tamohara dasa, chairman
Mukhya devi dasi, president
Mantrini devi dasi
Ranjit dasa
Radikesh dasa
Namamrita dasa
Sri Vrindavan devi dasi
Ekadasi Vrata devi dasi
Rasamrita devi dasi
Bhismadeva dasa

Now, when you read the email like this, if you are normal person, you might get shocked. But I am not shocked. I am happy because now I am able to hunt down all the Gestapo officers who exposed themselves. By revealing their names, they bravely ended up on my website. And they all nicely signed themselves at the bottom of the email.

The dream team

Tamohara das

Well, we all know Tamohara, he is purest of the pure, and therefore he is a member of the Gestapo body commission.

He ended up on my website many times. First, he banned old people, then he approved belly dancers and finally, he banned a mother and her children from coming to the temple. I mean, of course, all these activities are not activities of ordinary people. Now he banned his Godbrother who is in the movement of 47 years without even speaking to him. If that is not merciful, I don’t know what is. He is on the right track to start killing people soon, maybe it is good to avoid him, next time he becomes merciful, who knows what is he gonna do.

Mantrini devi dasi

This is Tamohara wife, Mantrini Devi dasi. Her hobbies are that she looks like a man, and he also counsels couples. I mean every husband has to understand that a woman is the boss. Who knows, maybe poor Tamohara is not guilty of his Gestapo behavior, maybe Mantrini is pulling all the strings.

In her eyes, I see a pretty wild look, she looks like she is able to ban any Prabhupada disciple from the movement. This is probably her normal look. I wonder how she looks when she is angry. Only poor Tamohara knows.

Mukhya devi dasi

Ouch, she looks scary. She is the temple president. Although Srila Prabhupada never appointed female temple president. But if she is not she, maybe she is a he. I wouldn’t mention anything about changes in Srila Prabhupada’s books in her presence. DEFINITELY. If I ever visit Alachua, I would behave. She sometimes appears in my nightmakes and says: “Therefore, please understand that effective immediately you will not be welcome or allowed to visit the temple in Alachua.” She looks so strict. By looking at her face, I can see that she can ban her Godbrother without blinking an eye. But that is not powerful enough, I would like to see her slap all the men who are doing something wrong in the temple. 😂😂😂

Ranjit das

This grandpa looks old. I am not even sure if he understands that he signed his spiritual death sentence by banning his Godbrother. I am sure that Nazi matas keep him under full control.

Radhikesh das

Radhikesh das is a disciple of Radhanath baba. As Radhanath baba was most merciful toward Sulocana, Radhikesh is most merciful toward Dhanesvara. It is important to notice that he always puts this smile when he bans people because any ban he executes reminds him of his guru and Sulocana.

Namamrta dasa

Gestapo movement can’t really survive without a new generation of Gestapo officers. It is completely according to Vaisnava etiquette to ban somebody who was chanting Hare Krishna before you were even born. Especially if the crime is so gruesome as expressing an opinion. This guy is definitely qualified to take over. He proved loyalty to Gestapo body commission and his brutality beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sri Vrindavan devi dasi

Damn, Indian female Gestapo officers? I didn’t even know this existed, weird stuff. But ok, at least she is so chaste and shy that she is banning men while having her head covered. That’s called chaste and shy Gestapo lady. I guess that is ok.

Ekadasi Vrata devi dasi

Black Gestapo female officers, this is even more strange than Indian Gestapo female officer.

Rasamrta devi dasi

Ok, I can’t find Rasamrta Devi dasi photo, I’ll just added first photo I could find which could fit here.

Bhismadeva das

That’s the spirit. I mean, if you gonna ban people without giving them the opportunity to say anything,  you need to be happy while you are doing it. Every ISKCON member should feel the joy of banning people. Without this joy, our Gestapo sampradaya will never work properly. We don’t want all these morose people banning others. We need to be joyful and happy. I see a very bright future for this young man because he understood the essence of ISKCON.