ISKCON horror love stories and Kali yuga “not sure” husbands

ISKCON horror love stories and Kali yuga “not sure” husbands

More horror.


Respectful mataji,

please accept my obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Hare Krishna
I have seen your many videos and I got to know that you follow Prabhupada’s instructions very carefully. Prabhu I need help,I want to know how a women should behave in the condition which I am describing below.

I m a female * student in India. I fell in love with a devotee but I didnt know before that he is a devotee before. He accepted that he also loves me.Then he broke the relationship saying I m a bramhachari and I am not allowed to have a personal talk to a female. He also accepted that if in future he will marry then I will be the person whom he wants to marry but he also told me that he don’t know whether he will choose grahasta or not.

According to Srila Prabhupada’s instructions, every woman should be married. She should take care of children and be subordinate to a husband. That a recipe for a happy life in the material world. Life in the material world can never be really happy, because of birth, death, old age and disease, but never the less Krishna and Srila Prabhupada gave up advice how male and female can live together with least problems possible.

From what I can read in your letter, this brahmacari is a very cruel person, you should not marry him. You should marry a nice gentleman who will love you. This guy seems to be the expert in torturing you.

If he wanted to join the temple, he was supposed to tell you that he will serve Krishna full time for 6 months or one year. And then he will come back and marry you.

If he really wanted to be a brahmacari, then he was supposed to tell you that he will not be coming back.

But instead, he told you “I will be brahmacari, I will maybe marry you in the future, maybe not, maybe I am coming back, maybe not”. What a jerk.

You should engage your brother or father to contact this cruel man and tell him to explain himself. This is called “cruel brahmacari tattva”. He should either tell you when is he coming back, or you should reject him.

The primary role of a husband is to provide protection to his wife. But this man is providing you only pain.

You should marry a man who will love you strongly, not a man who is “not sure”. If he is “not sure”, he did not deserve you. If he is “not sure”, how will he ever be a responsible husband?

While leaving he he gave me Tulsi beads and said he to chant and hear lectures,from that day I am chanting constantly and listing lectures but the problem is he is the first men I fell in love with and now I am not able to forget him, I can’t think of spending my life with anyone else.
Prabhupada told a women should get married, but I can’t think of someone else except him.
Please prabhu tell me what should I do, I am crying everyday in pain.
Please tell me what a women should do in this case.

Do you want to be married to a cruel man? What if he doesn’t come back? Are you willing to wait for him your whole life? If he doesn’t come back, you will grow old and you will not get married and have children. That would be a mistake.

Make you sure your brother, father, or some senior devotee contacts this rascal and tell him to explain himself. If he is not willing to give you a date when he is coming back, then better don’t waste your life waiting for this cruel retard. And don’t worry, Krishna will provide you with real husband if you are not willing to waste your life waiting for an imaginary husband.

ys Hanuman das